Saturday, December 17, 2005

The "Canyon Aesthetic" in Jewelry

Combining with rust, orange and red and especially sterling silver or giving a rough edge to a gemstone otherwise associated with a more refined or sophisticated milieu (such as or cut into rough nuggets) I've come to call the "Canyone Aesthetic." The first illustrates the "Canyon Aesthetic" with turquoise and silver paired with lampwork beads in the canyon colours then mixed with very eenly faceted red aventurine barrels and the more sophisticated matching with an ornate sterling silver chandelier base and the same regularly faceted stones. As sterling silver has supplanted gold according to the preferences of a younger generation in the last few years, we see more and more of the Canyon Aesthetic. It is a style of that is replacing the idea of Southwestern as turquoise and silver, the elaborate "Squash Blossom", and the tackier geegaws created for the tourist trade.
Still in the realm of the Canyon Aesthetic is the next bracelet featuring lampwork beads, breciated carved ovals and vase beads and deep burgundy freshwater pearls.
Cluny Grey Jewelry

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The Weight of Rubies

Rubies are one of my favorite stones; these are a dark opaque burgundy and look wonderful with the beautiful floral from Littlecrow (whose beads are just fantastic!). The lovely swirled bead is by Alyson Straley. Turkish silver is also one of my favorites. Turkish is a high quality silver with marvelously intricate patterns and beading and granulation. The cones here and the bead to the left of the floral focal is Turkish as are the flower studded earwires that close in the back. Bali is great, too, but is another favorite of mine. The super high silver content combined with great workmanship and unique designs make it very desirable for jewelry designers. The ruffled hand-decorated caps on the around the large ruby make almost any piece special! This was an entry in the Internation Jewelry Designers' Guild Virtual Trunk Show.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

The International Jewelry Designers' Guild Virtual Trunk Show

You can't miss this Virtual Trunk Show brought to you by the members of the International Jewelry Designers' Guild. Yes, I am a member, but so are many others, and the work is fabulous! If you are a jewelry fan, you have got to look, even if you can't buy right now! Only on Sunday starting at noon Eastern Standard Time - December 4, 2005.

Cluny Grey Jewelry