Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Colors of Spring in Chalcedony and Aquamarine!

I love Spring colours! Color blocking is a really big trend in fashion this Spring and I've "color-blocked" as well in some of my bracelets.  I am especially fond of the deep pastel colors found in chalcedony and so I've used it in this group.  Above and below, deep aqua chalcedony and pink chalcedony feature in this handmade bracelet with color-blocking. It's lacy and feminine with the sterling silver filigree toggle and charm.  The aqua chalcedony is faceted and sparkly while the pink is smooth and polished.

Above and below, the look of shining sterling mingles with aqua chalecedony in another handmade bracelet. This bracelet definitely has a modern twist with its large hammered circle, bean bead, and little circle with cut-outs. I love the tulip (so perfect for Spring) toggle clasp.

Below, I haven't done one of these bracelets before, but I see so many braided bracelets and bracelets with suede that I decided I had to try one! The suede is in Spring colours of lilac, green, and aqua, and an aqua chalcedony faceted oval is next to the heart-shaped toggle clasp. Little Thai Karen Hill Tribes spiral charms hang around the bracelet. I really like this! To me, the charms lift it up from a bracelet to be worn only with jeans to a dressier look.

Above and below, I love mixing unexpected colors! While aquamarine and amethyst seem to go naturally together, I like to put a punch of color in by adding carnelian, in this case, faceted carnelian squares cut on the diagonal.  One of my favorite rope chains makes the second strand and dangles little flowers from the Thai Karen Hill Tribes.
A remake, below, of one of my favorite styles: An aquamarine bracelet with a single faceted nugget of amethyst. The beaded heart toggle of sterling silver is gorgeous. 

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Sunday, April 08, 2012

Happy Easter!

I've been using Swarovski crystals lately.  For some reason, I will go for a long period and hardly use Swarovski crystals at all; then, suddenly, I want them for every bracelet.  You can see my obsession with them especially expressing itself in the Swarovski bracelet above.  It is a charm bracelet made only with Swarvoski charms of rounds and bicones in fairly bright colours with a few pastels thrown in.  It is gratifyingly full and sparkles like the dickens!  I attached the crystals in groups of three so that the bracelet would be especially lush - and it is!
  Appropriate for Easter Sunday are the two Salvation Bracelets that you see below.  Again, both are made with Swarovski crystals.  The first salvation bracelet is made with larger bicones, rounds, helix and cosmic crystals.  It has flat beads with a cross in relief on each side, and a little prayer box charm near the toggle clasp.  And yes, this tiny prayer box charm opens!
 The second salvation bracelet is a bit more conventional and has round Swarovski crystals, sterling silver and a pretty cross by the toggle clasp.  It has two extra Swarovski crystals on the sides to represent purity.

The handmade bracelet below is a favorite combination: artist's lampwork beads, carnelian, and lapis with plenty of golden pyrite in it. Little lapis and carnelian charms hang from two places on the bracelet.  All sterling silver.

Below are some charm necklaces that I have been working on. Charm necklaces are very, very much in style now and can be seen on everyone from celebrities to teenagers.  I like these charm necklaces because they are simple, and unlike many of the charm necklaces that one sees, these are made with real gemstones, Swarovski crystals and sterling silver and goldfill.
The first charm necklace has a gorgeous faceted flat garnet nugget surrounded by two charms: one filigree, and one textured ring.  Two little bezel-set garnet charms hang from the chain just above the larger garnet.

This charm necklace is my favorite.  A sterling silver flat hammered wire forms an odd teardrop shape and has a pretty aqua faceted chalcedony teardrop hanging inside it.  A sterling silver horseshoe charm hangs just above (and the horseshoe is upside down so the good luck won't spill out!).
  The next charm necklace features a filigree cross in sterling with a small angel (or putto) hangs beside it.  Just up from the charms is a dangle in the salvation colours made from Swarovski crystals.

The last charm necklace is in 14 karat goldfill. It features a unique harmony ball.  The sterling silver filigree harmony ball holds a brass ball that can be removed so that the sterling silver filigree "cage" can be worn alone. The top of the harmony ball features a black agate cabochon.  A Swarovski crystal in crystal copper hangs on either side of the harmony ball. The harmony ball makes a very faint gentle chiming sound.
Wishing everyone a Happy Easter this beautiful day!