Thursday, May 31, 2012

Jewels for Summer!

I adore summer! Everyone is out and about, especially now before the full heat of the mid-atlantic is upon us, and new outfits are popping up everywhere. And to go with those new summer outfits, you need jewelry! A customer I spoke to mentioned liking lapis and sunstone just in passing and that got me started. First, I put lapis and sunstone together in the two-strand bracelet that you see here. And because lapis is one of those stones that just begs to be played with, I had to make a couple of other lapis pieces as well.

Below, for those who like something simple, a lapis bracelet with one pretty blue borosilicate lampwork bead for a focal; it's surrounded by Thai Karen Hill Tribes sterling silver then finished with thick disks of lapis sprinkled with sparkling pyrite.  The sterling silver toggle has a flower on both the bar and the ring as well as a flower charm hanging to one side.

I really love lapis with gold. Here all the gold is 14 karat goldfill.  Lapis with gold always makes me think of the riches of early Sumer and Egypt.

 I've had these beautiful and odd lampwork beads for some time. They were made by Lynn Nurge and while the three long pieces at first make one think of coral, they have tiny "bumps" all over them which makes them look like octopus tentacles.  Sounds creepy? They are gorgeous!  I mixed the colours with Swarovski crystals in copper and light tanzanite.  I can just imagine this necklace worn in the early evening with a white dress - or an orange one, or a light purple one or . . . . After I finished this I tried it on wearing a khaki coloured shirt and it was wonderful.  Major sparkle!
This necklace has been on the site, but I made it in the winter (I guess I was longing for warm weather).  This fantastic necklace is made with sterling silver and all Swarovski crystals, including Swarovski crystals in the clear coral shape. This is chic and very, very elegant with plenty of sparkle.
Are you enjoying the warm weather?  I'm getting ready for a trip to Paris soon, so I'm trying to find things to take that are cool but dressy at the same time.  You can bet I will have plain basics and lots of not-so-plain jewelry!

Sunday, May 06, 2012

Emeralds and Rubies

 It's already May, one of my favorite months, for reasons other than my own May birthday.  I love this time of year when the weather changes, my wardrobe changes, and my outlook changes.  I feel the urge to walk, an inclination to dress up, and an overall sense of well-being. Does anyone else feel this May mood? It could still be because for many years that I taught, May signaled the coming of summer vacation.  The emerald is the May birthstone (I am so lucky!) and of course, emerald jewelry is classic and luxurious even when it is made with the roughly faceted nuggets that you see in the bracelets here. Above, the emerald nuggets reign supreme, with sterling silver their only companion.  The second strand of the emerald bracelet is a sterling silver chain with charms.  A pretty toggle clasp decorated with tulips is the closure (all sterling silver, of course).
Below, the large emerald nuggets are joined by smooth emeralds, a pebble emerald, little dark green faceted emerald rondelles, and sterling silver.  The second strand of the emerald bracelet is made of tiny Thai Karen Hill Tribes hand decorated tube beads; the emeralds are both in the strand and dangling from it.
 I adore gold, thus the emerald bracelet with goldfilled beads, toggle, charms, and chain.  A large roughly faceted emerald nugget is the focal; other emeralds include faceted rondelles, soft green smooth rounds, faceted round, and dark green pebbles mottled with black.

 The emerald necklace above is simple.  A single briolette teardrop hangs in the center; faceted emerald rondelles are on either side. the sterling silver of the necklace is made from delicate little tube beads from the Thai Karen Hill Tribes.
  Below, a bangle bracelet with rubies.  I rarely work with emeralds or sapphires that I also want to work with rubies. The ruby bangle below has some pretty cherry red plump ovals as well as faceted ruby rondelles and goldfilled bangles and toggles.
 Below, a ruby bracelet with goldfilled beads and ruby gemstones of different sizes and shapes. The large oval faceted rubies are some of my favorites with their dark red colour and high polish.

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