Friday, February 24, 2006

Hail from Hot Springs

I'm working at my sister's house in Hot Springs this week because of a family member's hospitalization. I really thought it would be difficult to work here. Not so. I've made 11 pieces in the few days since I've been here. One is this fluorite and lampwork bracelet and earrings set. The lampwork is by James Derrick Reeves and goes wonderfully with the fluorite. The earrings have purple fluorite teardrops with slight lines running through them. Actually the only thing about working here is getting my pictures done and online. I have to use my digital camera, put them on my laptop, edit them, save them to a disk, then pull them up on her computer - it's a bit more difficult than it sounds.
My next bracelet (I just made matching earrings, but don't have a photo to upload yet) consists of lampwork beads, citrine, amazonite and a second strand chain made of smooth and twisted rings as well as filigree pieces. Amazonite looks so beautiful with yellow that I'm tempted to keep making jewelry these colours over and over. (I must restrain myself). These 2 pieces are for auction on Ebay this week: look for clunygrey or user id: chloemarie99 . I'll get some more pictures up soon, I hope, and I may be able to go home in a few days, or even this weekend.
Cluny Grey Jewelry

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Moon Gold & Sea Shimmer

I am a total fan of gold; I suppose I will always love it. The bracelet above is a celebration of gold with lots of vermeil (24k gold layered over sterling silver) and exquisite lentil lampwork beads that have metallic gold swirled richly throughout. The faceted nuggets are rainbow moonstones from Spain. The earrings are also made of the same beautiful lentils. I made this just because I really like it. I really don't sell very much gold since sterling silver is the rage. Gold is supposed to be making a big comeback in the fashion world - I can't wait! My dream is to work with pure gold and precious gems.
The second bracelet I created as the result of Art Jewelry Magazine's Forum Colour Challenge. The colours given to me were light and dark topaz, silver, and French rose. What I love the most about this bracelet featuring rhodonite, lots of sterling silver, and smoky topaz are the vase shaped Botswana agate beads that are a pinkish-taupe colour. In fact, I liked them so much that I made a pair of matching earrings using them.
Chrysoprase and lampwork beads from James Derrick Reeves are punctuated by 3 large charms in the middle of the bracelet. The sterling silver "S" clasp has a very detailed rose on it.
I've made several of these mother of pearl bangle bracelets; I don't know what I'm going to do when I run out of this lot of mother of pearl. The size of the rounded rectangles and the wonderful gleam and shimmer and colours in these pieces are just phenomenal. Little keishi pearls are at the ends of this bracelet beside the hook clasp.
These pieces will be up for auction on Ebay this week; check for Cluny Grey or user id: chloemarie99 .
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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Busy! Busy! Busy!

I've been very busy making bracelets (among other things) with earrings to match. The first bracelet features faceted nuggets of pietersite, sterling silver, and lampwork beads by James Derrick Reeves in a blue and tan. The bracelet has 2 strands: one main strand with heavy gemstones and the lampwork , and a second strand that is a chain with little pietersie charms and Karen Hill Tribe flower charms. The matching earrings featuring matching lampwork beads and faceted pietersite rounds as well as more sterling silver.
Ahhh, red, just in time for Valentine's Day. Deep red carved jasper beads, faceted carnelian rondelles, and one of the most beautiful silver-laced lampwork beads are combined with lots of Turkish and Karen Hill Tribe sterling silver. The matching earrings have the carved jasper rounds, special ruffled sterling silver Tahi beads with dangles, and carnelian.
Sea Shimmer: mother of pearl ovals and a large round, Turkish sterling silver accents, keishi pearls in a lovely silvery grey, and the sparkling silver laced lampwork beads by Annie Divilbliss all shimmer in this bracelet. A second strand is made up of swirled filigrees and large sterling silver rings. The pretty sterling silver "S" clasp closure with a rose on top is from the Thai Karen Hill Tribe. The matching earrings are made from keishi pearls and mobe pearls turned on their sides.
Saffron Spice: It is a portent of the summer to come: hot and spicy with a touch of light turquoisey-blue. The beads are yellow calcite and genuine citrine. The second strand are Karen Hill Tribe sterling silver bamboo beads with a floating charm or gemstone dangle hanging from it. The matching earrings are calcite hanging from curvy chandeliers.
Carnelian and red agate complement wonderful borosilicate beads that have a lovely shade of blue and a peachy orange in their depths. A little red agate turtle adds an amusing touch. The second 1/2 strand consists of curvey filigrees and large sterling silver rings linked together. The matching earrings are made of red agate ovals that have a beautiful carved design. This one is really special!

Cluny Grey Jewelry

Thursday, February 02, 2006

New Week: New Bracelets

A sweet blue agate, blue quartz, sterling silver, and lampwork bead bracelet, made sweeter with the addition of Thai Karen Hill Tribe sterling silver. The flower and leaf and the wonderful base of the earrings are all Karen Hill Tribe. Feminine, but not fragile.

Blue has always been one of my favorite colours, and I love it combined with opalite. What's so great is that the opalite picks up the lighter colour in the lampwork beads (from Burt Gumeson's "Jewels" collection, and the agate and quartz picks up the blue in them. There are about 60 charms here, so this is a really full bracelet - nice and fat for those who like them that way!

Fluorite is a softer stone to work with and to wear on a daily basis, but it's worth it because of the wonderful colour variations of the stone. In this 2 strand bracelet, large and small nuggets, a large carved oval, and faceted rondelles echo the colours of the lampwork beads with their subtle shades of greens and purples. The second strand is 3/4's wirewrapped little nuggets, and 1/4 large sterling silver rings doubled. The flowered lampwork bead is especially striking.

The last bracelet also has 2 strands, the second featuring large sterling silver rings once again (this is such a great look; it has substance, but is light) plus smokey topaz smooth rondelles. The great lampwork beads are laced with silver and blend perfectly with the topaz. All the bracelets have matching earrings, even if they are not shown here. All of these bracelets are for auction this week on Ebay. Check for user id: chloemarie99.

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