Monday, April 17, 2006

Labradorite: Nature Getting Flashy!

I love good labradorite! When I say good labradorite, I mean labradorite with lots and lots of that gorgeous blue flash! Between the dark colour and the bright flash, I can easily associate labradorite with Labrador, the place where it was first discovered (the Native Indians of Labrador called it "firestone"). The play of colour is known as the Schiller effect.
I got some great labradorite nuggets lately with lots of fire and flash. I especially love the longer nuggets like the one on the chain bracelet, and the chunkier ones (one on the other bracelet; I have more that I haven't made into anything yet).
The chain bracelet ("Unchain the Light") is one of my favorites since it shows the Schiller effect wonderfully, and the chains of oxidised sterling silver (from the Thai Karen Hill Tribes) give it a special look, but one that would work everyday.
The second double strand bracelet also features a silver-laced lampwork bead by Lisa Sharik of Texas.

These and other pieces can be seen in the Ebay store also: Studio G; userid: chloemarie99 or do a simple search for Cluny Grey.

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Thursday, April 13, 2006

The Colour of the Week is - PINK!

I am constantly fixing on a colour and getting fixated! This week the colour was pink - or the pink tones. I got some new pink zebra jasper that actually has somewhat of a peachy tone to it, so I decided to match it with some of the pink Peruvian opals that I have that have more of a peach cast also. The real catalyst were these beads from Irene Collier (a lampwork bead artist) that are perfectly made. Then, since I was using pink anyway, I started looking over the lampwork beads and pulled out the rose quartz to go with a fabulous floral bead from James Derrick Reeves that I have been saving. Two strands later, I still was in a pink mood, so I decided to combine the pink Peruvian opal and the rose quartz with some great pink "Jewels" (lampwork beads from Burt Gumeson). Today I made myself go for the Indian agate, ocean jasper and aventurine (mostly greenish gemstones) just to make sure I didn't overdose on the pink!

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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Roxo, морав цвят, Opgave,Púrpura, Hensikt, Purpurarauður, Purperrood, It's All PURPLE!!

Once again, I am in the thrall of purple. How did this happen? Easily. Amethysts from Spain. Nice chunky, faceted amethysts from Spain. Dark purple amethysts - very high quality. Wonderfully light purple faceted chunky amethysts, a bit lower in quality, but I think I like them better because of the great depth they have - and because they are a bit bigger. I love faceted, chunky stones that remind me of the fairy tales I read as a child. When I envisioned a Princess having her weight matched in rubies - those rubies were not nicely faceted little round ones. They were big faceted chunks of tranlucent rubies. Emeralds, sapphires, amethysts, all the coloured stones were the most appealing and the richest. So when I got these amethysts from Spain, I had to use them right away. I had some lampwork, too, that was a pretty purple, so what was I waiting for?
The bracelet above is the first result, and the necklace and earrings below the second. I really like the earrings since they have amethyst cabochons set in silver below the big chunks, then little dangles. The necklace is a lariat style with one of the prettiest sterling silver toggle clasps in the form of a swirling leaf; another chunky amethyst dangles from it.

The other purple stones include charoite, sugilite, crazy lace agate, and lepidolite. The sterling silver is from the Thai Karen Hill Tribes and from Bali.
By the way, how many languages in the title can you recognize without looking them up?

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