Sunday, January 22, 2012

Back from Africa!

Mozambique, Swaziland, and South Africa - it's been a real treat to go there again - and to wonderful Swaziland with its friendly people and beautiful land for the first time. I will have some pictures later.
But now it's time to get back to work!  I'm slow getting back to things - it must be the change of climate, going from 90 something degrees to snow (hurrah!) which is on the ground now. Just two garnet bracelets to celebrate the month of January.

Lovely large flat, faceted garnets are in both these sterling silver and garnet bracelets. The top garnet bracelet  with its beaded heart toggle would be a great Valentine's Day gift!
Below, a garnet bracelet with two strands of marquise, rondelles, nuggets and a charm and lampwork beads. Note the swirling flowered sterling toggle clasp.
And here's hoping for more beautiful snow!


Mona said...

Really like your jewellery, wish I had such talent, cuurently just love jewellery, for me all that sparkles...sparkles. Do you have an affiliate programme I would love to sell your bracelets on my store.

Gold Charm said...

Of course the color of the stone in the reddish tone is fantastic and could be a lovely gift for your valentine.

Rachel said...

You have my dream job. Traveling, making jewelry, creating. I love the aquamarine bracelet and how the stones contrast with the lampwork beads. Do you make the lampwork beads yourself or do you have a favored supplier?

Cluny Grey said...

Yes, I really like my life! I usually buy my lampwork from very good lampworkers with whom I'm familiar.

emma said...

Some really beautiful colours, great work

diamondboy said...

It is really good jewelry!
I mean that you should go ahead to get best.