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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Summer Trends for Jewelry!

Coral is always great in the summer! Ever since I had a peachy coral and lapis necklace (fake, though) when I was in my twenties, I have been in love with this mixture.  So I decided to translate my fake '70s necklace into the real thing - this coral necklace is the result.  I had to have a bit of sparkle in it to make it really special, thus the Swarovski clear crystals and the Swarovski large crystal coral drop.  It's a discreet sparkle that you can wear out and about; you don't have to be going to the opera at the Kennedy Center!  The sterling silver clasp has a cabochon lapis set into it.

Using lapis got me onto a roll, so I made three pairs of lapis earrings.  The first pair has a cabochon lapis set into the earring post and sterling silver Thai Hill Tribes accents. 

Lapis and pearls are classic together. Not only do these lapis earrings have lapis with sparkly gold pyrite and crystal Swarovski rounds and  clover shaped freshwater pearls, they have large cabochon pearls bezel-set into flower shaped earring posts. I love these!

Lapis and gold together is my favorite combination. The fluted 14 karat goldfilled beads give a more formal look to these earrings.

This amethyst bracelet with 14 karat goldfilled accents is simple but fantastic!  The flat, faceted amethyst nuggets are translucent and gorgeous with wispy inclusions.
   Below, one of my handmade bracelets from the Raj Collection full of faceted and smooth rubies, emeralds, sapphires, and amethysts. All sterling silver with little flower charms from the Thai Karen Hill Tribes.

Above, this is not your ordinary, run-of-the-mill freshwater pearl bracelet!  These lustrous brown freshwater pearls gleam amid tiny 14 karat gold-filled accents while a gorgeous faceted smoky quartz olive-shaped focal takes center stage.
   Below, a salvation bracelet that is also a bangle bracelet. Round Swarovski crystals are in the salvation colours.  A heart-shaped toggle clasp is the closure. Sterling silver. 

The moonstone is the traditional birthstone for June.  Here is a piece of rainbow moonstone jewelry that will make you think anything but traditional! Two pretty strands of sterling silver and rainbow moonstones are accented by three clover-shaped freshwater pearls.  The real stunner is the clasp: a little frog with a cabochon freshwater pearl bezel-set into its back.
Hope you are enjoying your summer and have plans for a great vacation!


Sunday, April 08, 2012

Happy Easter!

I've been using Swarovski crystals lately.  For some reason, I will go for a long period and hardly use Swarovski crystals at all; then, suddenly, I want them for every bracelet.  You can see my obsession with them especially expressing itself in the Swarovski bracelet above.  It is a charm bracelet made only with Swarvoski charms of rounds and bicones in fairly bright colours with a few pastels thrown in.  It is gratifyingly full and sparkles like the dickens!  I attached the crystals in groups of three so that the bracelet would be especially lush - and it is!
  Appropriate for Easter Sunday are the two Salvation Bracelets that you see below.  Again, both are made with Swarovski crystals.  The first salvation bracelet is made with larger bicones, rounds, helix and cosmic crystals.  It has flat beads with a cross in relief on each side, and a little prayer box charm near the toggle clasp.  And yes, this tiny prayer box charm opens!
 The second salvation bracelet is a bit more conventional and has round Swarovski crystals, sterling silver and a pretty cross by the toggle clasp.  It has two extra Swarovski crystals on the sides to represent purity.

The handmade bracelet below is a favorite combination: artist's lampwork beads, carnelian, and lapis with plenty of golden pyrite in it. Little lapis and carnelian charms hang from two places on the bracelet.  All sterling silver.

Below are some charm necklaces that I have been working on. Charm necklaces are very, very much in style now and can be seen on everyone from celebrities to teenagers.  I like these charm necklaces because they are simple, and unlike many of the charm necklaces that one sees, these are made with real gemstones, Swarovski crystals and sterling silver and goldfill.
The first charm necklace has a gorgeous faceted flat garnet nugget surrounded by two charms: one filigree, and one textured ring.  Two little bezel-set garnet charms hang from the chain just above the larger garnet.

This charm necklace is my favorite.  A sterling silver flat hammered wire forms an odd teardrop shape and has a pretty aqua faceted chalcedony teardrop hanging inside it.  A sterling silver horseshoe charm hangs just above (and the horseshoe is upside down so the good luck won't spill out!).
  The next charm necklace features a filigree cross in sterling with a small angel (or putto) hangs beside it.  Just up from the charms is a dangle in the salvation colours made from Swarovski crystals.

The last charm necklace is in 14 karat goldfill. It features a unique harmony ball.  The sterling silver filigree harmony ball holds a brass ball that can be removed so that the sterling silver filigree "cage" can be worn alone. The top of the harmony ball features a black agate cabochon.  A Swarovski crystal in crystal copper hangs on either side of the harmony ball. The harmony ball makes a very faint gentle chiming sound.
Wishing everyone a Happy Easter this beautiful day!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Gleam of Abalone

My first post on my new computer! It always takes a while to get things right on a new computer, and finally, I have figured out enough to get pictures and my first post on my new laptop. All of the old programs from the old computer have to be tranferred, usually reset in some way (all my pictures are getting filed under Documents for some reason)and I have to figure out the new keyboard.
I've been working with abalone;I love its iridescence, its wonderful gleam, and the way that it works with so many gemstones. Above, the abalone bracelet with two strands features only abalone and sterling silver; below, the abalone gets a special kick from faceted peridot rondelles.
Below the bracelet is a pair of abalone earrings.

Above, wonderful, small faceted apatite rondelles and sterling silver tubes make a great bangle bracelet. Below, aquamarine earrings feature spiral accents in sterling.

Above, a favorite combination of mine: abalone with aquamarine. Below, a salvation bracelet with Swarovski crystals.

Hope you have a great week!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Summer and the Sea

I've had a short vacation which I thoroughly enjoyed. My family and I went to the Outer Banks of North Carolina for a few days. The waves were awesome and the weather hot, but agreeable nonetheless. It was a special thrill to see my grand-daughter view the ocean for her first time. The noise of the waves was so loud that I'm sure she felt rather daunted by the sea, but she adored the sandy beach. Outfitted with her bikini, a cover-up, sunscreen, a hat, and the new beach bag I bought her, she used her shovel and pail to play in the sand and spent her time digging holes and examining pieces of shells which she found immensely interesting.
Needless to say, I didn't make jewelry during this vacation. However, I have done a few custom pieces since I've been back and have barely been able to get a couple of pieces of jewelry made. Top, is a mother of pearl bracelet with a cloisonne butterfly accented by gold. And yes, that is orange mother of pearl!
Below is an agate bracelet with yellow calcite and a sharply faceted citrine nugget enhanced with a pretty little artist's lampwork bead covered with flowers.

The salvation bracelet above features black onyx, genuine ruby and sapphire, rock crystal, a genuine emerald, and citrine along with a freshwater pearl cross. This is a smaller scale bracelet than some of the salvation bracelets I make and is perfect for anyone, young or old.
Finally, the coral necklace features large sealife sterling silver beads from the Karen Hill Tribes and sealife charms, a turtle, a sand dollar, a shell. The blue coral is accented with some of my best artist's lampwork beads. The second strand, a sterling silver chain with charms, can be detached from the main part of the necklace and worn alone.

I'm trying a new template; drop me a line and let me know how you like it. I will probably be changing it more soon.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Aftermath of Thanksgiving!

I love Thanksgiving; it is my favorite holiday of the year. This year was especially good because we had children at Thanksgiving - my new grand-daughter and a three-year-old guest. What was remarkable was that we managed to have Thanksgiving here in Arlington, in an ill-equipped apartment instead of at home where all the good china, crystal, and pots and pans are. I hope that we are better equipped next year!
Tomorrow is what is known as "cyber-Monday", supposedly the day people do online Christmas shopping. I'm not sure about that, but just in case, I've been trying to tidy the website and get things listed by tomorrow. There will be a few new jewelry pieces also.
Above, a labradorite bracelet flashes its iridiscent colours, while below, a unique bracelet has a favorite mix of mine: lapis, turquoise, and carnelian.
Below are salvation bracelets, both made of genuine gemstones, that make marvelous Christmas gift for those who wish to show their faith. The second salvation bracelet features a large emerald nugget, a large ruby rondelle, and a large, smooth sapphire nugget as well as onyx, rock crystal, and citrine. It also has unusually elaborite sterling silver accents.

The bracelet that you see above is not rose quartz, but a very, very pretty pink chalcedony. Its matching chalcedony necklace also features a sterling silver chain with extra charms hanging from it.

Finally, a special piece: a smoky quartz bracelet has a special turtle clasp that features a golden Biwa pearl as well as a cabochon peridot set in its back.

I hope that you've recovered from your Thanksgiving feast and are getting ready to enjoy the holidays!

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Gemstones, Swarovski, and Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is always a whirl of last-minute gifts - people seeking presents for those they care for and want to remember on the holiday. In this business, I've been surprised, pleasantly, I must say, by how many men buy jewelry gifts or make arrangements for them well in advance of holidays whether Valentine's, Christmas, or a birthday. Strangely enough, it is often women who seem to wait until the last minute and decide that they want an extra stocking stuffer or that they want to get their daughters or daughters-in-law something for Valentine's Day. I'm surprised, I suppose, because my husband will wait until Christmas Eve to buy a Christmas present for me (but he always does a great job, so I'm not complaining!).
While we do have a special page with a few suggestions for Valentine's Day jewelry gifts, the best gifts are those that are meaningful to the recipient in some way. For instance, the amethyst bracelet makes an especially good gift if you know that she has a February birthday, since amethysts are the February birthstone. Or maybe you know that she is just crazy about amethysts - or even wears purple often. Some of the bracelets below are great for those women who take their faith seriously and wish to wear it. The gold-filled Salvation bracelet that you see below has a special meaning for Christians. The gemstones, or in some cases Swarovski crystals, each is a symbol of the progression of one's faith. The black bead represents being lost in sin; the red, the blood of Christ; the blue, faith; the clear bead (or in some cases a white bead) represents purity of heart or a clear heart; green, for growing in faith; and finally, the gold bead represent Heaven with streets paved with gold. I always try to add other Christian symbols as well, and most of my Salvation bracelets will have a sterling silver or goldfilled cross charm or a prayer box attached to them. The following 4 bracelets are each an interpretation in gemstones or Swarovskis of the Salvation bracelet:

Two more bracelets - just for fun. The fire agate and chalcedony bracelet, above, is an attempt to recreate a favorite bracelet - often very difficult to do because the special lampwork beads are so hard to come by. And, below, a sweet freshwater pearl bracelet with Swarovski crystal butterflies has a fresh, ingenue appeal.

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