Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Back from Africa!

When I looked at the last date on this blog, I was shocked to see that it was November 30th!  I think that this is the longest I've ever gone without a blog entry.  I'll blame it on the Christmas rush and our trip to Mozambique and South Africa, but now I'm back and everything is in full swing.
Although this is a jewelry blog, I am including some of the photos I took of the wildlife at Kruger in South Africa.  The animals roam free and will walk around you and your car (hopefully you IN your car; it is not recommended to get out).  I saw amazing things, including two hippos crashing into the water to take an evening dip - they swim like dolphins, lifting themselves partially out of the water - and real, live lions within 30 feet of me (5 of them at one time!).  The sights and sounds of Africa have already had an affect on the colours and lampwork beads I am using and I have just begun to translate experiences and sights into jewelry.

Above, the pattern of some fire agate stones reminds me of giraffes (Fire Agate Jewelry) while the Swarovski crystal bracelet below has the colouring of a lion.

The chalcedony bracelet, above, features lampwork beads with the giraffe pattern. Below, a chalcedony bracelet is the "zebra bracelet" for obvious reasons.
One of the most amazing things to me is that it can be so very, very hot and humid one place in the world and be so very cold in another, and that we can go from one to another in the span of two days!


jackie@irishheart said...

Africa is such an inspiring place. I've been there three times myself and intend to go back again! I love your bracelets, you obviously took a little piece of Africa back in your heart! Jewelry pieces that reflect a journey or are made from the heart are always special. Our designers are all inspired by their surroundings here in Ireland. Have a look at some of our inspirational designs on www.irishheart.com

Symbol Jewelry said...

The animals are amazing, and the bracelets are equally so! It's nice that you incorporate personal experience into your pieces. That always makes the turn out best! :)

Franklin said...

I would love to visit Africa and it sounds like you had an amazing journey. Thank you for the pictures! You do fine work.


Cluny Grey said...

I loved going to Kruger where the animals roam wild and humans are the real intruders. There were a couple of times I was a bit uneasy, once when a bull elephant who was huge blocked the road and I realized he could probably crush our car; another when I realized 5 lions were within 30 feet of me. Luckily, the bungalow where we stayed at night had an electric fence around it for safety!