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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Gemstones and More! Bracelets, Earrings, and Necklaces

unique handmade bracelet
Ah, the frenzy of the holiday season begins! And no where is it more frenzied than here on the fourth floor in my studio.  I watched heavy snowflakes today (that unfortunately melted right away) only when I chanced to look up from my busy workbench.  I will be closing shop starting December 13th this year, so be sure to get any custom orders right away!
   Above, a multi-gemstone bracelet with sterling silver contains several shades of touraline including pink and green, aquamarine, citrine, apatite, and chrysoprase.  Three sterling silver charms dangle on one side of the bracelet which features sterling silver chain; a sterling toggle clasp is the closure.
   Below, cloisonne earrings with vermeil earwires and Swarovski crystals.
cloisonne earrings
   Below, Swarovski crystals in Indocolite look wonderful with special cloisonne beads; the cloisonne contains a rhinestone embedded on both sides. A vermeil toggle clasp is the closure.
   Next, another cloisonne bracelet, this one features pretty blue genuine faceted agate stones with cylindrical gold and blue cloisonne.
cloisonne bracelet

cloisonne bracelet

fire agate bracelet
   Above and below, a fire agate bracelet that is full of fire. Charms in vermeil and fire agate hang from 3 points of the bracelet.
fire agate bracelet

turquoise bracelet
   I'm in love with this beautiful turquoise bracelet.  The borosilicate lampwork beads are stunning and streaked with the colors of the turquoise and gorgeous shades of pink.  Sterling silver charms are from the Thai Karen Hill Tribes; the hefty sterling toggle clasp is from Bali.
turquoise bracelet

rose quartz bracelet
   Above, the romance of rose quartz deepens when paired with rose gold-filled accented and lobster clasp.  Rose gold and rose quartz? They're perfect together.  And this rose quartz is an especially pretty pink.
   Below, blue fluorite bracelet is one of my favorites! Blue fluorite is unusual and so pretty, and is more striking when it's paired with sterling silver.  The two strand bracelet features one strand with faceted blue fluorite nuggets and another of tiny Karen Hill Tribes beads and charms.

fluorite bracelet
Below, fluorite in different shades is complemented by very special artist's lampwork beads that are exquisite. A pretty Thai Karen Hill Tribes "S" clasp has a flower atop it.
fluorite necklace
Below, fire agate earrings with gold-filled beads and accents.
fire agate earrings
I am closing for Christmas vacation on December 13th.

Sunday, April 07, 2013

Bracelets: A Motley Crew!

Unusual Jewelry photo unusual-jewelry-e6_zpse8911d06.jpg
If the above bracelet doesn't make you think of spring or that summer is almost upon us, then you are a glass-half-empty person! Today's "motley crew" of bracelets range from precious gemstones like rubies to odd combinations in colors and gemstones such as the one you see above and below.  Many of these do not have prices on them yet, so if you go to the Cluny Grey Jewelry website give me a day or two to get the cart on these. The Harlequin bracelet that you see above is made of chalcedony, aventurine, carnelian, sterling silver, and one of my favorite artist's lampwork beads made by James Derrick Reeves (he is no longer making beads, unfortunately, so I treasure the small supply of his that I have). The flower charm is from the Thai Karen Hill Tribes.

Two of my favorites are having a fine romance here in this aquamarine and sunstone bracelet which has gorgeous aquamarines, including the large faceted aquamarine nugget that is the focal. The sparkling sunstone beads hold their own however, since they are equally beguiling. Thai Karen Hill Tribes tiny faceted beads show off these pretty gemstones. The charms are also Thai Karen.

 photo aquamarine-bracelet-k2_zpsab37bfae.jpg

I really like the unusual rectangular reticulated sterling toggle clasp on this aquamarine bracelet.
Aquamarine bracelet photo aquamarine-bracelet-k1_zps5c4a92ea.jpg

I adore sunstone and I'm always trying to see how it is going to look with other gemstones, but it is great just on its own!  For proof, just look below! Four sumptuous strands of sunstone in different shapes and sizes are set off by the tiniest of Thai Karen Hill Tribes sterling beads. Because of these beads, the bracelet, while very full on the wrist, also has a daintiness to it.
sunstone-jewelry photo sunstone-jewelry-e6_zpsf553f78b.jpg

The unbelievable focal here is what is known as crab fire agate.  It looks splendid with orange gem-quality carnelian and vermeil from Bali. It's a real show-off bangle bracelet!
fire-agate-jewelry photo fire-agate-jewelry-k1_zpsf7a8c3bc.jpg

What can I say about rubies? That I adore them, love to work with them, love their luxuriousness and the way they always make me think of fairy tales or India?  All of this is true. That may be why I love to use large ruby nuggets in my jewelry such as in the ruby bracelet below. An added attraction is a focal that is a large wire-wrapped bead with little ruby rondelles sticking up out of it like cabochon gemstones.
Ruby Bracelet photo ruby-bracelet-g1_zpscc935524.jpg
The wonderful sterling silver accents are from Bali.

Ruby Bracelet photo ruby-bracelet-g2_zps5f7bd5d7.jpg
And speaking of focal beads, I'm captivated by this large faceted labradorite nugget which flashes blue or green depending on the way that you look at it.  The other coins and rondelles of labradorite also have blue or green flash, and an unusual dragonfly toggle clasp is the closure.

Labradorite Jewelry photo labradorite-jewelry-i3_zpse8a8df0b.jpg

I don't know why the bracelet below makes me think of summer, but it does. Maybe it's the bluejean color of the pretty royal blue lapis gemstones - or the yellow opals which are actually a glowing deep creamy ivory, the color of really old genuine ivory. Could it be the flowers cut out in the sterling charms or on the toggle clasp.  Whatever it is, I can see myself at 22 wearing jeans and an eyelet top with skinny straps, proud of my summer tan. (22 was a long time ago!)
Lapis Jewelry photo lapis-jewelry-e7_zps0cd45797.jpg
I also have more new jewelry than is shown here on the site and I am adding more daily. Want something special? Just let me know - my custom work is the same price range usually as what you see on the site.


Friday, April 08, 2011

Jewelry Is Magical

Jewelry is magical; I don't really mean that in the sense that many people do who believe that certain gemstones can imbue them with positive qualities or cure their ills. Jewelry is magical to me because it can cheer me up, make my day brighter - and make me look better. The right jewelry makes my blue eyes more noticeable, complements my complexion (which I'm a bit vain about), and can bring an outfit together (which is why I love gemstone jewelry containing more than one coloured gemstone). I'm lucky; because I make jewelry, I get to look at it all the time. And just looking at it makes me happy. I've been known to take a collection of bracelets and arrange them on my nightstand so that they are the last thing I see before I go to sleep and their colours are the first things I see when I awake.
I have a "happy-making" collection of jewelry today beginning with the top bracelet of blue topaz and citrine. Gem quality London Blue topaz and gem quality citrine in an imaginative rectangular cut are spectacular together. The citrine gemstones have pointed backs the way gemstones set in rings do, so they are interesting on both sides. I've added 14 karat goldfilled accents to the gemstones, but I like this combination so much that you can expect one soon with sterling silver.
  Below is a rainbow moonstone bracelet with gold vermeil and 14 karat goldfill.  The blue flash of these sharply faceted moonstones looks great with the gold.  Robin Weber's truly excellent ancient gold lampwork lentil beads add more colour and even more gold. I got lucky with the photo of this bracelet since not every single inch of each moonstone gemstone has flash.

Above is a turquoise bracelet made with Sleeping Beauty turquoise in a light blue.  Dark blue and the lighter blue rectangles echo the colours of the square lampwork beads which have a side of light blue and a side of transparent darker (aqua) blue divided by a swirl of silver.  Sterling silver accents include the second strand chain that dangles a turquoise charm with a bezel-set cabochon turquoise in its center.
   Below - more moonstone! These moonstones are a peachy-mauve colour (put them with a peach outfit and the peach comes out, with pink or mauve and they pick up that shade) with little sparkles and a wonderful sheen to them.  The second strand is one of our favorite sterling chains, rather sturdy with charms from the Karen Hill Tribes dangling. A pretty flower-decorated sterling clasp finishes the moonstone bracelet.
   Below the moonstone bracelet is a hefty fire agate necklace that just glows! I love the colours here and I've added a few Swarovski crystals in the crystal copper colour to really make it sparkle. Doesn't it look fantastic with black?

Finally,two bracelets have a winning combination of gemstones that have been quite popular! For a long time, I couldn't find any of the faceted coins of apatite to use, but the moment I did, I grabbed them! The combination of smoky quartz, apatite, and sunstone has proven to be very pretty and versatile. I've got one bracelet with sterling silver accents, and the other with vermeil.

Enjoy the spring weather and don't forget about FREE SHIPPING!!!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Almost March!!!

I have an unusual grouping of jewelry today; perhaps I should say "eclectic" since there are a variety of gemstones and colours and textures. I am still working on my "African Rhythms" collection and you will be seeing and hearing more of it. Meanwhile, today's group includes from the top: a fire agate bracelet accented with carnelian gemstones and one of my favorite sterling filigree toggle clasps.  Below are fire agate dangling earrings.
Below is a classic Swarovski crystal bracelet with large clear Swarovski crystals and 14 Karat goldfilled accents. The gold pieces are rather large and include fluted accents on either side of the large crystal cube in the center, a gold flower charm, and a gold toggle clasp.  Remember with care (keep it out of the pool; store it properly) 14 karat goldfill will last as long as 14k gold.
Citrines and chalcedony cluster near the large artist's lampwork which is the focal of this citrine bracelet along with a filigree flower charm in sterling from the Thai Karen Hill Tribes.
One of my favorite bracelets is the kyanite bracelet with its very pretty sterling silver additions.  Ropey rings are near the center; little cluster charms hang from the patterned oval linked chain, and a sweet flower toggle features three flowers on the toggle and one on the toggle bar.  Kyanite is one of the softer gemstones, so be sure to store it properly. It will, however, stand up to everyday wear.
From above, Austrian crystal earrings have two sizes of Swarovski crystal butterflies hanging from each earwire for a dangling delight. Next is a bracelet with a phenomenal drusy flashing sparkling crystals. The Montana agate and Botwana agate play supporting roles. Below, carnelian faceted nuggets and beautiful diamond facets flank another drusy of orange and cream.  The second strand is a chain of larger oval links with three sterling Thai Hill Tribes flower charms.
Finally, the last two bracelets both have two strands: the first is a chalcedony bracelet with artist's lampwork and blue chalcedony. A pretty sterling chain and scalloped toggle clasp complete the feminine look.  The last bracelet is made of very blue turquoise; this turquoise bracelet benefits from the addition of clear Swarovski crystals for sparkle and a slightly more formal look. These blue faceted rectangles are some of our favorites!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

African Rhythms

I'm still catching up from my trip to Africa, but here are a few samples of jewelry pieces that are in my new collection called African Rhythms. It's going to take me a few days to get them on the pages of the website since I am still behind on shipping, but they will be there soon with more to come! Enjoy!
To the left, a lampwork bracelet with special lampwork beads, a sterling silver bird toggle,  and Swarovski crystals in a copper colour.  Below, Swarovski crystals in rainbow colours grace the Swarovski bracelet with sterling silver.
Above is an iolite bracelet and below:
a fire agate bracelet;  followed by bracelets of lampwork and Swarovski red magma;  smoky quartz with gold vermeil;  leopardskin jasper;  carnelian, citrine, and amethyst, and a necklace made of sterling silver and chalcedony.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Back from Africa!

When I looked at the last date on this blog, I was shocked to see that it was November 30th!  I think that this is the longest I've ever gone without a blog entry.  I'll blame it on the Christmas rush and our trip to Mozambique and South Africa, but now I'm back and everything is in full swing.
Although this is a jewelry blog, I am including some of the photos I took of the wildlife at Kruger in South Africa.  The animals roam free and will walk around you and your car (hopefully you IN your car; it is not recommended to get out).  I saw amazing things, including two hippos crashing into the water to take an evening dip - they swim like dolphins, lifting themselves partially out of the water - and real, live lions within 30 feet of me (5 of them at one time!).  The sights and sounds of Africa have already had an affect on the colours and lampwork beads I am using and I have just begun to translate experiences and sights into jewelry.

Above, the pattern of some fire agate stones reminds me of giraffes (Fire Agate Jewelry) while the Swarovski crystal bracelet below has the colouring of a lion.

The chalcedony bracelet, above, features lampwork beads with the giraffe pattern. Below, a chalcedony bracelet is the "zebra bracelet" for obvious reasons.
One of the most amazing things to me is that it can be so very, very hot and humid one place in the world and be so very cold in another, and that we can go from one to another in the span of two days!