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Monday, March 22, 2010

Cloisonne Bracelets and Pearl Necklaces

I have a terrible case of Spring Fever, made all the worse by allergies and being too busy to do almost anything other than work (and the allergies seem to make me sleepy - whatever I do I can't seem to get enough sleep lately!). So those are my excuses for not posting for such a long time and for the brief post today.
I've always liked cloisonne; I like to mix it with gemstones and with Swarovski crystals so the cloisonne becomes a focal point instead of the entire piece. The cloisonne bracelet that you see above features sterling silver (there is no gold on the cloisonne although that is usually the metal used) and red magma Swarovski crystals, a favorite new colour of mine. Below, white quartz and onyx complement white closionne beads decorated with pink flowers with darker pink centers. The pretty calla lily bead in white quartz has a string of red magma Swarovski crystals sprouting from its center. The metal is vermeil (sterling silver layered with 22karat gold.

The yellow opals in the cloisonne bracelet above picks up the golden yellow of the pretty cloisonne beads, and a vermeil flower charm from Bali continues the floral theme. I especially like the "dogbone" shaped cloisonne beads. Below, green reigns with cloisonne fans with a green background and a gorgeous lampwork flower bead. The gemstones here are prehnite and tourmalinated quartz (neither of which are showing up as green as they actually are).

Coin pearl necklaces are a favorite of mine and the one that you see above features the prettiest coin pearls accented with goldfilled chain and vermeil. The coin pearls themselves are a strange bronzey colour and quite irregular on the surface which gives them a big gleam factor. It gives the appearance of a lariat necklace although it fastens in back; the chain holding coin pearls and a dragonfly charm work as a pendant.
Running a close second to coin pearl necklaces are these pearls necklaces featuring freshwater Biwa pearls mixed with gemstones and/or Swarovski crystals. For those who like their colours discreet and feminine, the first pearl necklace has mauvey/peach Biwas mixed with pale porcelain jasper; the focal is a gorgeous jasper disk with lovely faint patterns and colorations on both sides. The accents are sterling silver.
The bottom pearl necklace is a luscious colour somewhere between deep pink and burgundy - once again I've used my favorite red magma Swarovski crystals, this time in large sizes, to add interest, texture, and sparkle to the necklace. Beautiful!

Give me time to get these posted on the Cluny Grey Jewelry website. Don't forget that we ship any purchase over $50.00 free!