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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Fluorite, Sunstone, and Swarovski

Fluorite jewelry
 I saw with dismay this morning that at 6:00 a.m. it was still dark.  Yes, summer is over, and where did it go so quickly?! Fall is almost here and with it will come the new Cluny Grey Fall Collection. Meanwhile, here are a few pieces I've finished lately.
Above, a fluorite bracelet with a dichroic focal bead echoing the colors in the green and purple fluorite.  This bracelet is made with some of my favorite faceted fluorite nuggets in beautiful shades including a blue fluorite.
Below, a sunstone bracelet with flashing sunstone and a 14 karat gold-filled large-linked textured chain with a pretty cross dangling from it.  Vermeil spiral beads and toggle clasp.
sunstone bracelet

Swarovski crystal bracelet
 Above and below, a Swarovski crystal bracelet in my favorite Swarovski color of Pacific opal.  Alhambra, (name of the bracelet) features a wonderful focal cloisonne beads with the aqua color as well as gold and coral.  Vermeil accents accompany the pretty crystals.
Swarovski crystal bracelet
 Below, large hunky Swarovski cosmic crystals in Golden Shadow complement the single cloisonne bead. The oval cloisonne beads not only has a peach background and blue and yellow flowers with green leaves, but has a rhinestone on each side.
swarovski crystal bracelet
Back to work on the Fall Collection.  See you soon!

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Monday, April 28, 2014

Shades of Blue and Purple

Swarovski crystal bracelet
 I love the colors of Spring this year! The turquoises, blues, and purples are my favorites, and they are becoming on everyone no matter what her skin or hair color.  Swarovski crystals just continue to get more and more popular, so you will be seeing quite a few on the pages of Cluny Grey Jewelry!
The first bracelet, above, is a luscious shade of orchid complemented with 14 karat gold-filled accents, charms and clasp.
Below, the neon aqua apatite is a favorite gemstone of mine. It is translucent and looks wonderful usually combined with other gemstones.  In this case, those gemstones are gem quality amethysts and real Lightening Ridge opals from Australia!  The perfect metal is gold,  of course!
unique bracelet

Swarovski crystal bracelet
 Above Swarovski crystal bracelet, Swarovski's Pacific Opal looks fantastic with sterling silver and a single artist's lampwork bead.  The second strand of sterling silver chain (from the Thai Karen Hill Tribes) dangles more Swarovski crystals.
Below, Swarovski's Chrysolite and Pacific opal look great with the opal cyclamen.
Swarovski crystal bracelet

bridesmaid jewelry
 Two versions on an aqua and white theme: top, Swarovski's Pacific Opal and marquise freshwater pearls, in one bracelet and below, Swarovski Azores and freshwater pearls in the shape of clovers or trefoils. Both Swarovski bracelets feature pretty sterling silver toggle clasps.
bridesmaid jewelry

Monday, June 17, 2013

Swarovski Crystal Bracelets for Summer!

Swarovski Crystal Bracelet
The sparkling days of summer need a bracelet to match!  I've been busy and here are some of the newest creations:  Swarovski crystal bracelets.
  Above, I adore red magma, a deep mysterious red that is even more beautiful in the large cosmic bead size.  They are mixed with gold, copper, indigo and sterling silver - tiny beads so that the Swarovski crystals get all the attention.  Sterling silver toggle clasp.
   Below, this wonderful summer green and pale topaz mixes with sand opal and sterling silver.
Swarovski Crystal Bracelet

The bracelet above is a favorite Swarovski mix of mine:  morion, a strange deep blackish-green, and the light-hearted silk.  There are two strands for twice as much sparkle and interest.
  Two strands make the bracelet below special, too. Red magma and tiny little sterling silver beads from the Thai Karen Hill Tribes make this Swarovski crystal bracelet a real winnder.  Little free-floating Thai Karen flower charms are on the second strand.  A gorgeous toggle clasp, square-shaped with intricate handwork on the top is the closure.

Swarovski Crystal Bracelet

For bangle lovers, a Swarovski crystal bracelet with gold-filled bangles and other accents.  A large amethyst crystal is the focal; other cool blues and purple are enlivened with a hot shot of pink.
Pretty colors are what this bracelet is all about; it's a tropical paradise on your wrist.  Sterling silver and a pretty Swarovski crystal starfish hangs from one side.
Swarovski Crystal Bracelet

Another double strand Swarovski bracelet features Pacific opal and cyclamen opal. The colors are cool and beautiful; the second strand with an oxidized sterling silver chain adds depth and interest to the bracelet. Sterling silver toggle clasp.

The last bracelet is another favorite of mine.  I am extremely fond of the opal colors that Swarovski has; two of my favorites are together here: sand opal and Pacific opal.  Mixed with gold-filled accents, these wonderful crystals are great together.


Sunday, July 11, 2010

Isn't It Charming? Aquamarines, rubies, and Swarovski Crystals

I am a great fan of charm bracelets. I personally prefer them in gold with weighty charms, some encrusted with gemstones; they are especially endearing when the charms have been collected over a long period of time and have a special or sentimental value for the wearer. The charm bracelet above is gold and has gemstones, but compared to those sentimental trinkets, it was put together rather quickly. Still, my favorite gemstones are in here, and the bracelet is rife with 14 karat goldfilled components so that it gives a nice golden glow on a wrist.
Below is a combination I'm quite fond of. Swarovski crystals in mocca, golden shadow and Indian sapphire combine to make this Swarovski crystal bracelet a real "shiner"! I've mixed it with 14 karat goldfilled accents to complement the colours of the crystals - and best of all - I made 2 of these! They are quite fetching when worn together for maximum sparkle (see the next picture). The first bracelet has larger elements than the second, but, boy, do they look great together!

Below, I so enjoy creating with aquamarines, especially when they are the true aqua blue colour. The aquamarine bracelet below is a true aqua blue; it would be a simple bracelet, but the special reticulated Bali beads of sterling silver and the many little aquamarine charms going around the bracelet give it a special status beyond simple. All sterling silver, of course!
I'm still working with rubies and have two offerings today: a sterling silver ankle bracelet with rubies for some lucky girl, and a pretty ruby bracelet with 14 karat goldfilled elements that is the epitome of simple elegance. It's small enough to be worn everyday, elegant enough to wear when you are dressed up!Yes, I'm working hard and will have more to blog about soon. Meanwhile, stay cool, but enjoy the summer days. I'm hoping to go kayaking on the Potomac tomorrow!

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