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Monday, January 07, 2013

Garnets for January!

Ah, garnets, a favorite of so many people for so many years! This wonderful red gemstone was named after the pomegranate, most likely because of the color, although garnets come in many different colors including gold, brown, and green.  And I have seen red garnets so dark that they look almost black!
   I am a garnet lover.  I have a garnet ring, an oval that I wear almost everyday. I also have a garnet bracelet (with gold, of course) made of flat, faceted nuggets, made by me, that I wear almost everyday. Garnets are wonderfully versatile and can be worn with most colors.  
  Garnets are the birthstone for January, and we have quite a few garnet bracelets at Cluny Grey for you to peruse.  One of the new ones you can see here, above and below, is a double stranded bracelet with a variety of different garnets including faceted nuggets and my favorite little faceted cushion-cut rectangles.  This garnet bracelet is enhance with borosilicate lampwork beads that pick up the color of the garnets and adds just a touch more. Pretty sterling silver gives the bracelet a feminine touch, but I especially love the toggle clasp that has an bezel-set faceted garnet in it.

Of course, if you know me, you know that I love to mix gemstones, and the more I like a gemstone, the more that I want to mix it! I love aquamarines and thought these pretty deep blue faceted aquamarines would make a great foil for the garnets.  I was right! The sterling toggle clasp is in the shape of a butterfly. All of these gemstones are very fine.

I told you garnets came in other colors! I adore green garnets especially when they are translucent as these are.  Green garnets are rarer than red garnets and really pretty. The faceted nuggets and square here are mixed with plenty of sterling silver. The second strand of the bracelet features one of my favorite twisted rope sterling chains with three Thai Karen Hill Tribes charms hanging at intervals.
One strand simple garnet bracelets, below, for the purist who wants her garnets unadulterated. Accented only by sterling silver, these garnets show off their shapes, first in sterling silver, then in a gold version.

Next post, garnet earrings and garnet necklaces!


Monday, October 06, 2008

Hello from Hilton Head

I just spent a few lovely days in Hilton Head, South Carolina, tagging along while my husband attended a conference there. We got there a day early so I was able to get him out on the ocean in a kayak (my favorite form of transport on the water). Of course, I took my work with me, but there is a difference in working on the balcony of the ninth floor overlooking the ocean and listening to the waves break and working in an airless office with the droning of air conditioners in the background! The picture above shows the balcony and the sunrise over the ocean. The first day my husband awoke me a few minutes after 7:00 to share the sunrise with me - and it was much more beautiful than the picture suggests. It was so lovely that he woke me every morning just to see it (no easy task getting me awake in the morning). I told him that Sunday morning we ought to get up early and watch the sunrise while walking on the beach. I know he thought I would never get up, but I did! Of course that was the only cloudy morning! However, I jumped in the pool for a 7:30 dip, which was heavenly as was the hot coffee when I got out.
The bracelets you see here are some that I made in Hilton Head - a great place to work! Of course, I was limited by the supplies that I could actually take with me, but that, too, was part of the fun - seeing what I could do with the limited quantities I had. The first bracelet that you see (above) is a unique mixture of aquamarine, chrysoprase, chalcedony, carnelian, lemon quartz, and amethyst combined with sterling silver. Below, a double-stranded amethyst bracelet gets its allure from vermeil components; I especially love the little faceted vermeil nuggets from Bali, a favorite that I haven't been able to obtain for a while.

The rest of the bracelets are combinations of gemstones that you don't always see together. Below, pink chalcedony, dark peacock-blue apatite, aquamarine and carnelian are held together by an unusual lampwork bead by James Derrick Reeves in this unique bracelet with sterling silver. The next tiger-eye bracelet also has citrine, including a citrine pendant/charm, more of the peacock blue apatite, and a lampwork bead with the golden brown tones of the tiger-eye as a base and yellow and blue "speckles" accenting it. Finally, the last blue lace agate jewelry piece is a bracelet with a focal pietersite nugget with blue marbling thoughout although the picture is making the whole nugget look more red than brown.

Working in a vacation spot has its perks, the ocean, the great seafood, a wonderful change in scenery, but coming home has its own rewards. Two of them have been sleeping on me or following me around since I returned. One of the little furry ones keeps shutting the bathroom door deliberately, then meowing until I come and let him out. He waits a moment and then does it again. Why don't I just shut the door so that he can't get it open at all and I won't have to get up again and let him out? Because I really, really missed him!!! I missed the other kitty, too, but he's a little less dramatic.
Some of you have been asking where to buy the jewelry you see here. On my website, of course. The

Saturday, October 06, 2007

In the Pink?!

I wanted to entitle this post "In the Pink", but when I consider how I've been feeling lately (see post below about remodeling and dust, dust, dust!), I thought it was probably more appropriate to begin with something green, and to put a question mark after the title.
My green is really wonderful though, as it applies to this bracelet, because I was fortunate enough to get some even more beautiful peridot gemstones than the last batch - in nugget form - and these are practically inclusion-free. I mixed them with lampwork beads by Reeves which also has a very pretty blue aquamarine colour in it, so I added the a few of the blue aquamarine nuggets I have that are really nice. Very happy results.
Otherwise, I have been working "in the pink" as far as gemstones go, with pink tourmaline (see bracelet above), pink Peruvian opal (below) and rose quartz (last bracelet). It has been a good week as far as jewelry is concerned, but the work to do at home (the work we have to do when the workmen leave and we have to get everything sorted out and back to its rightful place) is a bit daunting. The peridot bracelet is already listed and the tourmaline, opal, and rose quartz bracelets soon will be. A short post then as I try to put my closet back together (groan).