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Tuesday, October 01, 2013

The First of the Fall Collection

 photo unique-bracelet-f3_zpsfae24d4f.jpg
We are still working on the new template and revamping the entire Cluny Grey Jewelry site, but meanwhile, the old site is up and going strong.  And here are the first bracelets of the new Fall Collection.  Today, with the exception of the last labradorite bracelet, all of our bracelets are what we term our "unique bracelets," that is, they mix unusual and sometimes usual combinations of gemstones for a unique look.
  While gold has been touted as the metal of the season, we still are making our bracelets in sterling silver as well as paying homage to my ever-favorite gold.
  Above, our first bracelet is from the Raj Collection, based on Cluny's time in India.  Pretty deep bright red rubies in smooth ovals mix with ancient lapis and gold-filled chain and accents for a remarkably pretty and lush bracelet. The second strand, the gold-filled oval-linked chain has little charms of rubies and lapis hanging from it.
The double-strand unique bracelet above features a wonderful color combination great for Fall or really any time of the year.  Faceted smoky quartz, pretty deep blue aquamarine, and brilliant sunstone are accented by sterling silver from the Thai Karen Hill Tribes and Bali. A pretty sterling lacy toggle clasp is the closure.
Above, lovely faceted citrine nuggets are alternated with genuine faceted sapphire rondelles.  Feminine pieces of sterling silver add to the feminine look of this citrine bracelet.
   Below, this mixed gemstone bracelet boasts the wonderful colors and textures of lapis, genuine rubies, aqua chalcedony, citrine, and golden chalcedony.  It's a strong statement for a simple bracelet and will go with many pieces in your closet.  All sterling silver.
The unique bracelet, below, features genuine rubies and iolites (also know as the water-sapphire). Thai Karen Hill Tribes charm and tiny sterling beads make this bracelet very special as does the "harmony ball" charm that hangs from one side of the bracelet.  An extra luxurious touch is the pretty toggle clasp with inset iolites on both sides of the sterling toggle.

   Below, smoky quartz warms up the cool tones of prehnite and apatite in this unique bracelet. Two strands of gemstones are joined by gold-filled beads and accents as well as a gold-filled toggle clasp.

The last bracelet today, below, is made of flashing labradorite sprinkled with gold-filled beads and also has a third strand consisting of a gold-filled oval chain with little labradorite charms dangling from it.  The labradorite has plenty of flashing light.
 photo labradorite-jewelry-j3_zpsb62c6a60.jpg

We still offer FREE SHIPPING for purchases over $50.00; only 1.95 for purchases under $50.00.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Red for Ruby, Green for Peridot, Aqua for Aquamarine

Tomorrow is the first day of July and the sultry days of summer are upon us!   The current temp here in Arlington is 103 degrees Fahrenheit!  But here are some cool jewelry pieces that  make the summer heat bearable!  
   Above, my new favorite aquamarine necklace is made with sparkling aquamarine rondelles and nuggets and one beautiful slightly translucent agate faceted oval, the perfect foil for the wonderful blue of the aquamarine.
In readiness for July whose birthstone is the ruby are the following bracelet and earrings.  First, a ruby bracelet gets some cool tones from gem-quality apatite and gleam from 14 karat gold-filled accents. Little charms of apatite and a larger sand dollar charm are on either side of the bracelet.  The focal point is a large flat, faceted ruby nugget!

Above, these ruby earrings with their pinkish glow cool down some with sterling silver and faceted aquamarine rondelles. The earwires are from Bali and have a hand-decorated sterling silver flower on the front. The ruby earrings below feature 14 karat gold-filled beads and accents and some of our favorite larger faceted ruby nuggets!

Below peridot faceted rondelles team up with greenish-gold freshwater coin pearls in this freshwater pearl bracelet with sterling silver.
The coin pearl necklace below has gleaming champagne coin pearls with what looks like a pearl on top of each coin.  They give this coin pearl necklace a pretty lacy effect.  14 karat gold-filled accents add sophistication to this classic necklace.

Cloisonne beads are focals in the bracelet and the earrings above. In the bracelet, the faceted rondelles are peridots; the toggle clasp and beads are gold vermeil.  The earrings have fan-shaped cloisonne beads, 14 karat gold-filled beads and earwires, and genuine emerald rondelles.
  Enjoy your summer and don't forget the FREE SHIPPING in the USA for purchases over $50.00!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The View from Up Here

Finally! I am in the process of moving the studio into our permanent building - on the fourth floor - and no, there's no elevator.  I am happy to have my extremely large desk and workbench set up with all my already made jewelry on shelves.  However, the beads, gemstones, and all the things necessary to make the jewelry are on the first floor! Right now, I'm just happy to have what I have in place.  The studio has great windows on the south and the east walls, and I also have a flat-screen television!

   While I haven't been able to make any jewelry at all for the last two weeks (and I'm suffering, believe me!), I do have a couple of pieces I made before the madness started.  These little bracelets are some of my favorites, and I wear similar ones everyday.  When I go out, I generally pile my jewelry on, but now that my office is in the same place I am (and the VA one has been for the last 2 years), I tend to wear these light chain and gemstone bracelets all the time, usually several at once, or one on the same wrist as my watch or on the wrist with my large link chain bracelet that I never take off.  These are going to be for sale on the website under Gemstone Bracelets since I thought others might need lighter bracelets because of the work they do during the day.  Enjoy!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanksgiving Eve

Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday although this year our gathering will be a small one. Still, it is the one holiday where one eats, drinks, visits, and generally feels absolutely justified in doing nothing except feeling thankful that one can eat, drink and visit.
I am not one of those who will show up at 3:00 a.m. Friday morning to get all the "good" sales. Ugh! The very thought of it strikes terror in my heart. I have become increasingly an online shopper since it is so simple and I can shop when I'm in the mood, not when the store happens to be open. With so many stores having liberal return policies and free shipping, some of the last barriers to easy online shopping are disappearing.
For those of you who follow this blog and are thinking of Christmas jewelry, be warned that I am leaving Dec. 17th to go to Africa for Christmas, so get in the jewelry order early! I'm still doing custom orders, too, but do arrange with me soon to have your piece made.
Today, some of the latest pieces: above, a chrysoprase bracelet with artist's lampwork and two strands of sterling silver and chrysoprase. Below, an agate bracelet with pretty speckled agate. The next gemstone bracelet is made with some of my favorite prehnite; it's chunky and sharply faceted.  The artist's lampwork with the prehnite is some of our prettiest from Enchanted Dreams.
I am very fond of bracelets with more than one strand; that is only one reason I like the blue lace agate bracelet below. The flower theme is present in the prettiest artist's lampwork bead of dark blue with light blue flowers, stamped flower charms and a pretty sterling silver flower-themed clasp. The bracelet is all blue lace agate with the exception of the focal gemstone which is made of darker blue chalcedony.
Above is the first prayer box necklace I've made in gold.  The prayer box itself is a bit different than one usually expects.  It is a filigree style round shape (and it does open) topped with a pretty cabochon garnet. The prayer box itself is made of vermeil (gold over sterling silver) and the very long chain is 14 karat goldfill.
The earrings below are, in order: briolette earringsaquamarine earrings created from lovely faceted aquamarine briolettes of an intense blue;  ruby earrings handcrafted of ruby briolettes, vermeil, and goldfill.
   The last piece is unusual for me; it is a watch and not just an ordinary watch.  The face of the watch is encrusted with Swarovski crystals; the band is made of Swarovski crystals and faceted black onyx and, of course, sterling silver.  It would be great to wear to a Christmas or New Year's party.
   I wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving and hope that you get to spend it with people you love!


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Jewelry and Computer Cats

I've still been working with garnets to some extent since it is the birthstone for this month. I've been exploring garnet mixtures and came up with a couple that I'm satisfied with. The first is the bracelet above, made possible by the large, square, beautiful lampwork bead with a sprinkling of sterling silver across the middle and two different shades of pink: on the left is pink opal, to the right is a graduated pink. Two roughly faceted garnet nuggets are offset by two gorgeous Peruvian pink opals - best quality, with a strong deep pink and some translucence. I love these glorious opals! The bracelet below is another mixture that I accidentally discovered when my bench was covered with all kinds of gemstones. These beautiful rounded rectangles of pietersite happened to be lying next to the lampwork beads that you see in the bracelet. I tried amethyst, but it clashed, the way that some gemstones do unexpectedly sometimes, when you'd swear that they would be perfect together. However, the dark garnet was perfect. Garnet, pietersite and very pretty lampwork beads - not a combination I see everyday, but one that I do like. Both bracelets are on the Garnet Bracelets page of the site.
I've been lucky lately with getting some beautiful borosilicate lampwork beads with unusual colours and great blends of colours. The peach - pink - orangey ones in the rhodochrosite bracelet below are an example. They are so lovely, in fact, that I don't put them in the little drawers that I have for different colours; I leave them out on my desk so that I can look at them. The gemstone bracelet below has the addition of two pinkish genuine rubies on its second strand, and a generous helping of some of my most intricate sterling silver.
Finally, I would like to introduce you to two of the greatest joys in my life - and my helpers whenever I do work on the computer. In front is Cuervo Sebastian, winking at the camera. Behind in his usual place snuggled up next to the computer (it's very warm there) is Cluny Camillo. Cluny and Cuervo are kind enough to let me live here with them, and they even let me sit here on the bed while I work on the computer and watch tv. By the way, they don't wear jewelry!