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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Snowfall, Lampwork and Turquoise

aquamarine necklace
I am sitting in my fourth floor studio with a window halfway open even though it is 29 degrees outside (it does get warm up here with an eastern and southern exposure) and I am joyfully awaiting the snowfall that is supposed to be coming our way.  I am hoping that we get at least the 4 to 8 inches promised by the forecast and I will do a jubilant dance in the street if we get the 12 inches the forecasters say is possible.
Before you erroneously think that I am some kind of outdoors woman or snow bunny, let me assure you that I enjoy the snow mostly from inside my townhouse, snug and warm, watching heavy flakes fall past the windows while I make hot tea and eat dark chocolate. I simply think that snow is one of nature's most beautiful products, and it produces in me a feeling of loving home, snugness, happiness, and links me, for some reason, to a past when snow meant people huddling around fires trying to stay warm.  The snow gives me energy and inspires me as well, so it's no wonder that I await its arrival with happy anticipation.
I have been working without real direction lately so  you see a mixed bag of jewelry here. Above is a fantastic necklace with deep blue genuine aquamarines and pretty 14 karat gold-filled accents.
lampwork bracelet
Swarovski and Lampwork Bracelet
I have also been working on lampwork bracelets as you can see above and below. The bracelet above is a wonderful aqua blue with Swarovski crystals and sterling silver. The second strand is a chain that comes from the Thai Karen Hill Tribes. The lampwork bracelet, below, features sterling silver, black Swarovski crystals, and artist's lampwork beads that have an almost tiger-striped look.   The clasp has a cabochon black onyx set into it while a dragonfly charm hangs from a sterling chain.
lampwork bracelet
Last, a prayer box necklace made from very nice blue turquoise tiny, tiny pebbles. The prayer box itself is a favorite since it has crosses on three sides with a cabochon gemstone set in the middle. The stones are turquoise, black, and red. The necklace also features a toggle with an onyx cabochon.
prayer box necklace
Here's to loving snow!
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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanksgiving Eve

Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday although this year our gathering will be a small one. Still, it is the one holiday where one eats, drinks, visits, and generally feels absolutely justified in doing nothing except feeling thankful that one can eat, drink and visit.
I am not one of those who will show up at 3:00 a.m. Friday morning to get all the "good" sales. Ugh! The very thought of it strikes terror in my heart. I have become increasingly an online shopper since it is so simple and I can shop when I'm in the mood, not when the store happens to be open. With so many stores having liberal return policies and free shipping, some of the last barriers to easy online shopping are disappearing.
For those of you who follow this blog and are thinking of Christmas jewelry, be warned that I am leaving Dec. 17th to go to Africa for Christmas, so get in the jewelry order early! I'm still doing custom orders, too, but do arrange with me soon to have your piece made.
Today, some of the latest pieces: above, a chrysoprase bracelet with artist's lampwork and two strands of sterling silver and chrysoprase. Below, an agate bracelet with pretty speckled agate. The next gemstone bracelet is made with some of my favorite prehnite; it's chunky and sharply faceted.  The artist's lampwork with the prehnite is some of our prettiest from Enchanted Dreams.
I am very fond of bracelets with more than one strand; that is only one reason I like the blue lace agate bracelet below. The flower theme is present in the prettiest artist's lampwork bead of dark blue with light blue flowers, stamped flower charms and a pretty sterling silver flower-themed clasp. The bracelet is all blue lace agate with the exception of the focal gemstone which is made of darker blue chalcedony.
Above is the first prayer box necklace I've made in gold.  The prayer box itself is a bit different than one usually expects.  It is a filigree style round shape (and it does open) topped with a pretty cabochon garnet. The prayer box itself is made of vermeil (gold over sterling silver) and the very long chain is 14 karat goldfill.
The earrings below are, in order: briolette earringsaquamarine earrings created from lovely faceted aquamarine briolettes of an intense blue;  ruby earrings handcrafted of ruby briolettes, vermeil, and goldfill.
   The last piece is unusual for me; it is a watch and not just an ordinary watch.  The face of the watch is encrusted with Swarovski crystals; the band is made of Swarovski crystals and faceted black onyx and, of course, sterling silver.  It would be great to wear to a Christmas or New Year's party.
   I wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving and hope that you get to spend it with people you love!


Saturday, March 27, 2010

Gemstones and Abalone with a Necklace or Two

March is almost over, and it's cherry blossom time. For me, this means several different things: my darling grand-daughter will be one year old, Washington will be inundated with tourists (and traffic) hoping to find the perfect confluence of blossoms, warm weather and sunlight to view what is truly one of Nature's lovely sights, and I am a month closer to a trip to Africa.
For jewelry, it means that I'll be working on items for Mother's Day, graduation, prom, June weddings, and summer beaches. Meanwhile, I have an odd assortment of jewelry pieces today!
First, above is a chrysoprase bracelet featuring really lovely chunky faceted chrysoprase nuggets that are a bit different from others that I've seen because of the brown that has been deliberately saved and made a part of the green chrysoprase nugget. Dynamite with the right outfit! And the star of the bracelet is a vintage sterling silver clasp with an inset flower cabochon (glass). A pretty lampwork bead with a shot of soft pink and perfect small green nuggets of chrysoprase finish the bracelet.
Below are two abalone bracelets that both get a kick from added gemstones; the first bracelet features faceted turquoise rectangles (some of my best) in a pretty blue; the second bracelet has faceted thick ovals of aqua chalcedony. Both have charms and toggle clasp closures in sterling.
Sometimes I seem to neglect using a certain gemstone and my supply of jewelry pieces gets low; I know it's because I'll often start using a certain gemstone and won't want to put it down, so that I don't rotate my time with different gemstones. I've neglected using jade lately, and will be making up for it, starting with the bracelet that you see above. Jade doesn't just come in green, but in a slew of beautiful colours. Here the bracelet has the traditional jade green along with a pink that picks up the pink in the gorgeous lampwork beads. A carved flower in pink jade repeats the flower theme of one of the lampwork beads. Two strands mean that this bracelet makes a definite statement.
Another two-strand bracelet below features calcite and jasper as well as another of those vintage clasps made of sterling silver. Such a beautiful clasp means that no matter which way the bracelet turns, there is something lovely to see. This bracelet has a generous helping of sterling silver beads from Bali as well.

I am making more necklaces than I did in the past (I am such a bracelet person!). I love the agate necklace above made with white agate, Swaraovski crystals, and a fantastic geode druzy agate pendant (very in style today). A special lily bead with a string of Swarovski bicones adds a touch of the unusual to this necklace.
Prayer box necklaces have been a staple on the Cluny Grey Jewelry site, but the one you see here is different because the prayer box is cylindrical instead of square. Sterling crosses from different regions hang on either side; a crystal clear Swarovski cross represents purity and virtue. Because coral was an ancient Christian symbol for protection, I added a coral charm to one side of the prayer box. The closure is a sterling lobster clasp.
Another staple on the website is Austrian Crystal Earrings, but I'm especially fond of these silver shadow Swarovski earrings made with Graphic beads, pretty Bali flower beads, and some of my favorite sterling earwires that have intricate roses on the front.
The chrysoprase earrings below are a perfect match for the bracelet at the top of this post.For a lot of fun, upload a picture of yourself with your hair pulled back to's makeover ( beauty page and try on different hairstyles and makeup.