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Sunday, September 30, 2012

More from the Fall Collection

I love chain bracelets! I have one that I never take off; it's a permanent fixture on my wrist. I also love bracelets that mix gold and silver, in the case, the chain bracelet is a mixture of sterling silver and 14 karat goldfill.  Tiny goldfilled ball charms hang from the middle of the bracelet and the clasp is also 14 karat gf. Three strands of chain make for a perfect bracelet!

I like combinations that aren't seen very often like the citrine and sapphire bracelet above.  The citrines are all carved gemstones in flower rondelles or carved leaf shapes.  The sapphires are faceted rondelles in a deep blue. The bracelet is accented with 14 karat gf.

Statement necklaces are very popular right now, but there are times when all you want is something simple and elegant. Enter this sapphire necklace, a lariat necklace with special flower accents in sterling silver from the Thai Karen Hill Tribes. Three smooth medium-blue colored oval sapphires fall from each flower; the large oval-linked chain is lightly textured. Holding it together is a small diamond shaped toggle clasp (also sterling silver, of course).

More sapphires! The earrings above feature 14 karat gf accents for a sophisticated look (leverbacks), while the sterling silver sapphire earrings below will delight cat lovers. Each cat sits on a faceted sapphire rondelle and is topped by a sapphire.  The earrings hang from sterling silver leverbacks so that they stay on securely.

I've always thought of labradorite as a Fall/Winter gemstone for some reason - probably because it always conjures visions of snow-filled countries and northern lights. The labradorite necklace above has labradorite with plenty of flash; the large pendant flashes its blue and aqua tones as the wearer moves about.  Four little flashy faceted coins dangle above the smooth pendant.  The necklace itself consists of faceted rondelles.
   Below, super flashy faceted coins hang from the elaborately swirled earrings here.  The earwires themselves are decorated with a single beaded ball. Labradorite earrings are great!  The more you move your head, the more noticeable they are.

Don't be a procrastinator! (I know what I am saying!) Start jewelry shopping for Christmas now, and if you want a custom order, we'll have plenty of time to design it together so that you get exactly what you want for that special someone!

Sunday, September 09, 2012

A Few Pieces from the Fall Collection and Sapphires

If you've been following the fashion news, you know that the big color news this fall is black and navy, burgundy, and winter white. Since all are basically neutrals, that makes me very, very happy. I love to wear neutrals and add bright touches with scarves, and of course, jewelry. So this fall, where jewelry colors are concerned, almost anything goes!
    Above, a new style for Cluny Grey and one that I'm sure that you'll love!. Three strands of flashy labradorite faceted coins glimmer across the front of your wrist while two large nuggets of labradorite, also flashy, hold the bracelet in place. The labradorite clasp adds that special touch that makes the piece extra elegant.

Agate jewelry has been in vogue and shows no signs of going away. The agate bracelet that you see above illustrates the interesting patterns that can be found in the gemstone. It also blends wonderfully with many other stones as well as you can see in this agate bracelet that has large flat faceted agate nuggets separated by faceted ruby rondelles.  Gold is back stronger than ever!

We are well into September and here are some new pieces in sapphire, the September birthstone: above, a sapphire bangle bracelet in sterling silver with Thai Karen Hill Tribe dangles hanging from the sides. Below, a gold bangle bracelet with smooth oval sapphires.

Below, a simple chain necklace with a single drop featuring 3 faceted rondelles topped with a smooth oval sapphire. Last, the prettiest sterling silver chain made of cutout hearts with three smooth sapphire ovals hanging beside the swivel curved lobster clasp.