Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Beauty of a Necklace

For me, the real beauty of a necklace is that it usually doesn't get in the way of doing things throughout the day the way that a bracelet can. But I am a bracelet person through and through. Sometimes I have to stop and work on making necklaces - to match bracelets - or just to "even" out my inventory. I 've been working with coral and with turquoise so I incorporated both into the necklace that you see above. That's pink angelskin coral with some nice large stabilized turquoise nuggets that I've had, and of course, I had to add some lampwork beads. One of the problems I have with necklaces (that I don't with bracelets) is that I'm bothered that on many people the back of the necklace will never be seen.
The second necklace I'm temped to keep for myself. I adore lapis and the lapis in this necklace is especially good with lots of the glittering gold pyrite that I like so much. And while carnelian is great with lapis, turquoise is wonderful when paired with lapis. I've also used lots of vermeil because lapis and gold are just scrumptious!
I'm trying to slow down a bit and take a little holiday. I only have one auction on Ebay this week, and summer is slow anyway. I'm going to try to stay in the pool some (if I can tear myself away from my beads), put in a new closet, and do various things that I've been ignoring for ever so long. It's amazing how much jewelry I can make while the house falls down around my ears!
Turquoise and Coral Jewelry by Cluny Grey

Sunday, June 18, 2006

A Touch of Yellow: Keltainen väri, Jaune, Amarelo, Sárga

I love yellow. I like to wear yellow; I like yellow rooms. It is sunny and bright; it stands for the intellect (think sun=light=reason), and yes, it is mysterious although it often seems bright and happy. (Think of that ominous yellow glow that occurs sometimes after a bad storm - when you know that there is more to come.
In the turquoise braclet above, the darkish, but bright amber yellow really punches up the turquoise making you see it differently. I love this look!
Here is my overdose on yellow: yellow citrine, yellow lampwork beads with a creamy white, and yellow crazy lace agate which I love. Its wonderful swirls, patterns and colours are so beautiful that I like to play with them actually - trying to think of what I'll use them in. The yellow lace agate is so beautiful that I've been known to string some of just those gemstone beads and put them on my bedside table so that I can look at them. Okay, maybe that's weird, but they are that pretty!
In the last bracelet here, more yellow with just a touch of turquoise in the lampwork beads to punch up the yellow. More yellow crazy lace agate and also calcite beads. I really like calcite because it is the colour of clarified butter and is so rich that it is to yellow what rubies are to red.
The little dark yellow cubes on the second strand that hang as charms are also calcite. I added a generous helping of sterling silver since I wanted one of the strands to be a chain.
These will soon be on my website. You can find them by looking for Citrine Bracelets on the Cluny Grey Jewelry website. I am working on the website (it seems to be getting huge, and I still have lots to add to it. So if you see something that you like, but it doesn't not have a "Buy It" button, it will soon.

I do have some Ebay auctions running this week; check them out by searching for Cluny Grey or user id: chloemarie99.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Bracelets, Bracelets, Oh, No, More Bracelets!

I'll start with carnelian, and the wonderful faceted orangey carnelian nuggets that I mixed with a carved flower of carnelian, lampwork beads, sterling silver and a bit of turquoise. The second strand has little charms hanging at intervals from the second strand.
I also got some great tourmaline faceted nuggets and decided to use those with these boro lampwork beads and vermeil. The chain is 14 karat goldfilled, and the other gold accents are vermeil (24 karat gold over sterling silver).
I really love sunstone, and peach is just about my favorite colour, so of course, I'm always trying to get my hands on good sunstone. This bracelet has 3 strands (one is a sterling silver chain). The wonderful lampwork beads are by Irene Collier.
I've been working on many different things this week, but I am still entranced with the Babylon Collection and have been making drawings that I may experiment with later this week. The basis for this collection is my love of lapis lazuli - especially when it is paired with gold. The lapis lazuli one sees on the ancient art in Egypt (beards are often rendered in lapis in sculpture) mixed with gold is opulent, the way you imagine rich gold and gemstones when you're a child. The museum in Cairo is like being lost in a fairy tale. One gets the same feeling at the University of Pennsylvania's small museum when viewing the Middle Eastern art with its lavish gold and lapis from Mesopotamia.

See the jewelry at Cluny Grey Jewelry . A few of the pieces may be on auction at Ebay this week: check for Cluny Grey or under the user name chloemarie99.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Fluorite: It's Not Easy Being Green & Purple

I love fluorite because of the complexity of its colouring. Yes, it's green and purple --- and teal and lilac and lavender and azure and violet and mint and aqua and striped and mottled and transparent, translucent, and almost opaque. It's a very unpredictable stone!

It is a soft stone which is one reason that you don't see a lot of fluorite rings (too bad!). But if you don't wear it 24 hours a day and when you're digging ditches, it should be okay.
Whenever I am not sure what I want to do, I try to do something with fluorite; inevitably, it gets me in the mood (fluorite as aphrodisiac?). Anyway, here is what I've been working on this week.

The fluorite bracelet with the toggle clasp is up for auction on Ebay this week, and the fluorite nugget earrings do come with it. To see the auction, do a search for Cluny Grey or look for user id: chloemarie99.
Otherwise, as usual, you can find my jewelry on my website, Cluny Grey Jewelry where I'll soon have these up here: Cluny's Fluorite Jewelry

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Beads, Bangles, and Turquoise

I love bangle bracelets; I always have. There are sorts I like better than others of course; I prefer the thicker ones to thin - although I have had some thin ones I like. I love my David Yurman bracelets that so effortlessly combine gold with sterling silver that even I don't feel like I'm clashing (I'm Ms. Monochromatic when it comes to clothing). I'm really fond of these large rectangles. I first got the gemstone rectangles in carnelian, then jade, and now these blue quartz (not glass). This is really a heavenly shade of blue. I had to put some of Burt Gumeson's lampwork beads with it to make a bangle that really looked put together. I'm fairly happy with the result. It's not for everyone, but it is an especially pretty bracelet.

These lampwork beads were such a peculiar colour that I kept looking at them and wanting to use them. I don't really use copper (the metal) in my designs, but if I did, I think these would have done well with copper. The beads are a rather muted metallic coppery colour with orange and pink "bumps." Now I love orange and pink together (shades of the 'sixties) so maybe that's what drew me to these. One thing that I like about this bangle is that there is no disputing that the lampwork beads are the focal point of this piece of jewelry.

Summer just screams coral and turquoise to me - not necessarily together, but they do work together. I really like this coral and turquoise bracelet and am very happy with the way that it turned out! That probably means that it won't sell because half the time the pieces I am delighted with are not always the ones that are a hit with buyers. C'est la vie!
You can find the bracelets here at my website:Bangle Bracelets or here: Turquoise Bracelets, and both are on the Cluny Grey Jewelry website.