Sunday, August 01, 2010

Amethysts and Antiques

Hello from Arkansas! After a grueling drive here, I'm finally relaxed and rested and dreading the drive back. Of course, I drove so that my husband and I could drive our two cats, Cluny and Cuervo, back with us. Cluny does not really like to ride in the car - and I doubt that Cuervo is going to have a good time either, so I am looking forward to this drive with apprehension. And I can't wait to see how they adapt to a hi-rise!
The two bracelets you see above and below feature amethysts; the top bracelet gets an added zing from pretty aquamarines (I love the aquamarine and amethyst mixture!); the bracelet below has a pretty artist's lampwork bead for its focal and has accents in blue kyanite.
I'm still working on the antique style and cameo jewelry, too. My favorite piece, so far, is the double-strand cameo necklace below with Swarovski crystals and freshwater pearls. The gold cameo sits on layered filigree and has silvery grey freshwater pearls hanging from the bottom. The next necklace is a mixture of gold and silver with a pretty bright gold coin set in silver and hanging from a silver chain; it is a lariat that fastens in front.

The butterfly necklace below has a vintage givre stone and vintage pink rhinestone to brighten the aged looking metal. And finally, a large cross is decorated with pink and green stones and has a golden flower set in its middle.

I'll have the pages on the website with the antique style jewelry as soon as possible; meanwhile, if something strikes your fancy, e-mail me at clunygre . (Leave the space after clunygre out of course.
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sterling pendants said...

The antique style bracelets and pendants are very shiny. I love them.

Wholesale Silver Rings said...

I feel your pain about the long drive. Just did a round trip from SF to Disneyland with my kids...

You wouldn't think amethyst would work with aqua, since they are just tonally different rather than contrasting or complimentary, but they do.

Thanks for the post!

Aine Ireland said...

I am loving the pictures of the jewelry shown. Amazing

Customized Jewelry said...

Thanks for the info, love to see some more blog

JewelersToyStore said...

Hi, we also have a pet cat, we love cats.
and btw, I love the amethyst bracelet love the agua blue color and the design look very elegant.

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