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Sunday, November 09, 2014

Life and Bracelets and Where's the Fall Collection?

apatite bracelet with sterling silver
Apatite Bracelet
I have been spending some time in Hot Springs, Arkansas lately where my best friend and most of my family live. That means that I am woefully behind on so many things and  I am struggling to catch up. 
 From the Fall Collection, now long overdue to be shown, are these bracelets that look great alone or stacked together on the wrist.  Above is a bracelet with sterling silver, apatite and a single lotus charm; below,  a similar bracelet with gem-quality faceted coin amethysts, sterling silver, and a fleur de lis charm.  The bracelet has a lobster clasp with a pretty flower on it.
amethyst bracelet with sterling silver
Amethyst Bracelet

chalcedony bracelet with sterling silver
Chalcedony Bracelet
Above, a bracelet of blue chalcedony faceted ovals with sterling silver and a puffy star charm.
Below, simple round garnet beads are enhanced by a pretty little toggle clasp with a leaf design.  Thai Karen Hill Tribes charm has three sterling rounds hanging from a single loop.
Sterling silver and garnet bracelet
Garnet Bracelet
Below, my favorite, because it's gold, of course, is this lapis bracelet with 14 karat gold-filled components including an oval blank that can be stamped with your initial. The coin lapis beads are especially pretty.
lapis lazuli bracelet with gold-filled accent
Lapis Lazuli Bracelet

unique bracelets worn together
Above and below, the bracelets paired.
unique bracelets handcrafted with sterling silver
unique bracelet handmade with lapis, turquoise, and carnelian
Lapis, Carnelian, and Turquoise Bracelet with Gold-fill
I love the classic combination of carnelian, lapis, and turquoise in this mixed gemstone bracelet.  The large lapis nugget is especially beautiful with its golden sprinkling of pyrite. The gold is a mixture of gold-filled and vermeil.  The vermeil charms are little dragonflies hanging from a 14k gold-filled chain.  Two of the carnelian beads are beautifully carved and rather unusual. The turquoise is from the Sleeping Beauty mine and is a wonderful deep shade of blue.
  Please order early for Christmas this year as I will be heading off to Vienna, Salzburg, and then Bulgaria in mid-December.  If you need a custom piece, remember that they seldom cost more than any similar piece you would find on the site, yet you get personal attention and preferences.
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Saturday, February 08, 2014

Fantastic Gemstone Bracelet, Earrings, and February's Birthstone: Amethyst

 I am in love with this unique bracelet featuring iolite, garnet, and rainbow moonstone.  The idea for the 6 strand bracelet came from the sterling silver box clasp with its cabochon garnets and rainbow moonstone. The 6 strands include 2 strands of rainbow moonstone, 2 strands of garnet, 1 strand of iolite, and one strand of tiny sterling silver beads from the Thai Karen Hill Tribes. The rainbow moonstone was all chosen for its flash.  The result is beautiful and versatile since it looks great with almost every color that you can think of.
 Below are dangling earrings with faceted gemstones, in this case pink chalcedony and garnet, bezel set in sterling silver. The earrings hang from some of my favorite marquise shaped sterling earwires..
 Below, a necklace made entirely of dark blue faceted chalcedony briolettes strung so closely together that they have a ruffled look.  14 karat gold-filled chain makes up the very back of the necklace so that the gemstones won't get caught in one's hair.
 Amethyst is the birthstone for the month of February although I have found that lovers of amethyst pay no attention to whether they were born in February!  The gemstone is a perennial favorite and diehard amethyst lovers cannot have too much amethyst jewelry. The amethyst necklace, left, is a favorite of mine, mainly because of the amethyst gemstones which are faceted as though they were meant to be mounted in a ring.  They are also AAA quality, so they sparkle beautifully! The amethyst necklace has a simple S clasp in sterling silver and tiny sterling silver beads separating the amethysts.
Below the necklace are more gem quality amethyst, this time in a faceted briolette that hang from sterling silver earwires.

 The amethyst earrings above are simple but elegant.
My favorite amethyst piece is the bracelet below that is created using roughly faceted flat amethyst nuggets that are translucent with 14 karat gold-filled accents and toggle clasp.  The amethyst bracelet is large, but because the nuggets are flat, they do not get in the way of daily tasks making it easy to wear.

Yes, I am wishing for more snow!
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Sunday, February 03, 2013

Jewelry To Blog About!

Who has time to blog when she is busy making jewelry? Certainly not I! And that explains my absence from this blog for a while. I have been busy making beauty as I hope that you will attest. Of course, I have been busy with some amethysts since they are the birthstone for February - and also since I love to work with amethysts anyway. The top bracelet is a beautiful, gem-quality amethyst bracelet made with cushion-cut amethysts and sterling silver.  It almost hurt me to make it because I love these amethysts so much that I want to make them into jewelry but keep them at the same time!  Once they are made into a bracelet such as this, it's as if those the amethysts no longer belong to me, and of course, I hope that they will go out in the world and be worn on someone's wrist with pride - but I will miss them.
  Below, this amethyst bracelet has some more of my favorite amethysts, but these couldn't be more different.  The three large, flat, flaceted slabs of amethyst that you see here have inclusions and are far from perfect. But they are translucent if a trifle cloudy in places, and I love them. And yes, I bought a lot of them so that the first thing that I did was to use a few to make a bracelet (with gold) for myself. The amethyst bracelet below is for sale though, and features not just 14 karat gold-filled accents, but also some of Robin Weber's fantastic lampwork beads with silver leaf.  They are so gorgeous.

I've been working quite a bit with abalone as well and I thought I would try the two together: abalone and amethyst, it seemed like a good mix, especially when I saw the abalone embedded in this pendant with its pretty purple iridescence, and with the purple cabochon bezel-set in sterling silver at the bottom of the pendant. I was so taken with the pendant that I decided to use just the elements in the pendant for the abalone necklace. Sterling silver, abalone and freshwater pearl sticks. It really is a looker!
 photo abalone-jewelry-d8_zps84f82966.jpg

And as usual with me, one thing leads to another. I kept looking at the abalone and freshwater pearls together and decided that I would like to put together something with their wonderful contrast of light and dark iridescence, so the necklace below was born. It's a classic, so much better than just a plain pearl necklace!
 photo abalone-jewelry-d7_zps653a498b.jpg

To end on colorful note, here is a piece of chalcedony jewelry I am wild about! This bracelet is all chalcedony and sterling silver and just as colorful as it can be.  I especially love the focal faceted nugget of aqua chalcedony. To make it even more special, I added a colorful gemstone toggle clasp in sterling silver.
 photo chalcedony-jewelry-g7_zps9a5fc0f9.jpg
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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Summer Trends for Jewelry!

Coral is always great in the summer! Ever since I had a peachy coral and lapis necklace (fake, though) when I was in my twenties, I have been in love with this mixture.  So I decided to translate my fake '70s necklace into the real thing - this coral necklace is the result.  I had to have a bit of sparkle in it to make it really special, thus the Swarovski clear crystals and the Swarovski large crystal coral drop.  It's a discreet sparkle that you can wear out and about; you don't have to be going to the opera at the Kennedy Center!  The sterling silver clasp has a cabochon lapis set into it.

Using lapis got me onto a roll, so I made three pairs of lapis earrings.  The first pair has a cabochon lapis set into the earring post and sterling silver Thai Hill Tribes accents. 

Lapis and pearls are classic together. Not only do these lapis earrings have lapis with sparkly gold pyrite and crystal Swarovski rounds and  clover shaped freshwater pearls, they have large cabochon pearls bezel-set into flower shaped earring posts. I love these!

Lapis and gold together is my favorite combination. The fluted 14 karat goldfilled beads give a more formal look to these earrings.

This amethyst bracelet with 14 karat goldfilled accents is simple but fantastic!  The flat, faceted amethyst nuggets are translucent and gorgeous with wispy inclusions.
   Below, one of my handmade bracelets from the Raj Collection full of faceted and smooth rubies, emeralds, sapphires, and amethysts. All sterling silver with little flower charms from the Thai Karen Hill Tribes.

Above, this is not your ordinary, run-of-the-mill freshwater pearl bracelet!  These lustrous brown freshwater pearls gleam amid tiny 14 karat gold-filled accents while a gorgeous faceted smoky quartz olive-shaped focal takes center stage.
   Below, a salvation bracelet that is also a bangle bracelet. Round Swarovski crystals are in the salvation colours.  A heart-shaped toggle clasp is the closure. Sterling silver. 

The moonstone is the traditional birthstone for June.  Here is a piece of rainbow moonstone jewelry that will make you think anything but traditional! Two pretty strands of sterling silver and rainbow moonstones are accented by three clover-shaped freshwater pearls.  The real stunner is the clasp: a little frog with a cabochon freshwater pearl bezel-set into its back.
Hope you are enjoying your summer and have plans for a great vacation!


Monday, February 06, 2012

Amethysts for February

I do love amethysts of all sorts: dark, light, dogtooth (white inclusions running throughout), Cape amethysts (very pale). Did you know that the word "amethyst" comes from the Greek language meaning "not drunken"? According to legend, the god of wine, Dionysus became angered at a young girl named Amethyst. She cried out for protection to Artemis (Diana) who turned her into a stone of pure quartz. When Dionysus saw her thus, he cried tears into his glass of red wine which then overturned onto the stone, colouring it a wonderful purple, creating the amethyst gemstone. So intertwined with Dionysus the amethyst became known for its ability to keep a drinker sober. Many believed that drinking from an amethyst goblet would render the alcohol incapable of causing intoxication in the drinker. Amethyst rings became popular for those who wished to keep a clear head during a night of revelry. 
   Above, a single stranded amethyst bracelet is accented by 14K goldfilled beads.  The cushion cut rectangles are especially pretty.  Three briolettes form a petal like design on one side of the bracelet.

Below, an amethyst bracelet has darker amethysts on one side, and three strands of lighter amethysts on the other.  On the single-stranded side, three nicely-sized amethyst nuggets lead to a lampwork bead by Robin Weber. Near the middle sterling silver rings dangle various charms including three small bezel-set amethyst ovals, a pendant charms with another faceted, bezel-set amethyst, and a sterling silver charm from the Thai Karen Hill Tribes.  The three strands of faceted oval amethysts provide a different look and texture to the other side of the bracelet.

Above, amethyst earrings feature nice chunky faceted nuggets of a medium colour, topped with spiral sterling beads and gem quality rondelles.  The earrings hang from sterling wires with spiral designs on the front. 
  It's not too late to order for Valentine's Day!


Sunday, September 12, 2010

Jewelry Trend: Majestic Purple

So much for thinking that I would write a post the next day! Life intervenes, and in this case, the blog suffered. However, I am back now with the next jewelry trends for Fall 2010. The colour is purple and here the gemstone is amethyst. The amethyst bracelets on the Cluny Grey Jewelry site range from pale amethysts which are known as "Cape Amethysts" to the dark nuggets you can see in the bracelet below. Above is an amethyst bracelet with lighter (although not "Cape") amethyst, clear and pretty, to dress up those purple outfits or add a new touch of purple for this Fall. The bracelet has 2 strands: one is amethysts and sterling silver while the second strand is one of our favorite sterling chains from the Thai Karen Hill Tribes. In contrast, the amethyst bracelet below features dark purple amethysts with a purple fluorite carved flower as the center. The next picture shows a pair of earrings with the same dark nuggets topped by filigree and hanging from filigree earwires.
If you are not a purple lover and new purple clothes won't be making their way into your wardrobe this season, the bracelet below may be just the touch you need to add for a pop of new colour and to update last year's outfits. These amethyst nuggets and the amethyst charms around the bracelet are complemented by special borosilicate lampwork beads that contain purple, shades of blue, and pinkish red. It's perfect for integrating a touch of purple with a red, blue, or pink outfit - and it also looks great with white.
The earrings above are some of our favorites because of the transparent nuggets, the gem-quality coins, and especially the posts which have a peacock pearl bezel set into the middle of a dome. They would look great worn with the amethyst bracelet, below, made with the same amethyst nuggets, with a pretty blue aquamarine nugget. The sterling silver bead has flowers in relief for a nice touch.
Below are lampwork earrings in purple (no amethysts). These gorgeous earrings feature lampwork beads from the same set as the amethyst bracelet pictured under them. A gorgeous rutilated quartz focal adds a touch of pale grey and elegance.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Amethysts and Antiques

Hello from Arkansas! After a grueling drive here, I'm finally relaxed and rested and dreading the drive back. Of course, I drove so that my husband and I could drive our two cats, Cluny and Cuervo, back with us. Cluny does not really like to ride in the car - and I doubt that Cuervo is going to have a good time either, so I am looking forward to this drive with apprehension. And I can't wait to see how they adapt to a hi-rise!
The two bracelets you see above and below feature amethysts; the top bracelet gets an added zing from pretty aquamarines (I love the aquamarine and amethyst mixture!); the bracelet below has a pretty artist's lampwork bead for its focal and has accents in blue kyanite.
I'm still working on the antique style and cameo jewelry, too. My favorite piece, so far, is the double-strand cameo necklace below with Swarovski crystals and freshwater pearls. The gold cameo sits on layered filigree and has silvery grey freshwater pearls hanging from the bottom. The next necklace is a mixture of gold and silver with a pretty bright gold coin set in silver and hanging from a silver chain; it is a lariat that fastens in front.

The butterfly necklace below has a vintage givre stone and vintage pink rhinestone to brighten the aged looking metal. And finally, a large cross is decorated with pink and green stones and has a golden flower set in its middle.

I'll have the pages on the website with the antique style jewelry as soon as possible; meanwhile, if something strikes your fancy, e-mail me at clunygre . (Leave the space after clunygre out of course.
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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fall Collection: Part V

No, I'm not finished posting the new Fall Collection - not by a long shot! Because I am doing the photos, pricing, and web myself without help since my move, it means that I am going much more slowly than I would prefer. However, if you like anticipation....
Today I have another mixture of bracelets beginning with the blue lace agate and amethyst bracelet that you see at the top. The focal is actually a blue chalcedony faceted nugget, the amethyst is transparent and the lampwork beads are some of the absolute best I've had (from an artist whose work sells at a premium). Below is an amethyst bracelet that is complimented by rutilated quartz, thus combining two of the season's hottest colours, purple and grey. I love the amethyst gemstone toggle clasp. The lampwork beads are the perfect purple and grey!

The tourmaline bracelet above features three strands of all shapes and sizes of tourmalines and includes little tourmaline charms hanging at intervals from the bracelet. There is only one lampwork bead, a green transparent lentil with mauvey purple swirls, but it is wonderful. Tourmaline is a great gemstone for this fall since it either has the most popular colours or accents those clothing colours wonderfully well.
The blue lace agate bracelet below is all about flowers: sterling silver flower beads, sterling flower charms, and a focal lentil lampwork bead that has the look of a flower also. Below the blue agate bracelet is one of my favorite combinations: sunstone and dark blue apatite that has the slightest hint of teal in it. Another favorite of mine is the little sterling bird charm that hangs near the center of the bracelet.There are just three pairs of earrings here, but many more will be appearing on the Cluny Grey Jewelrysite.