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Monday, September 07, 2009

The New Fall Collection!

This week I will be posting different pieces almost every day from the new Cluny Grey Jewelry Fall Collection. Most of the pieces are made to match or to complement the new colours for this Fall. Chunky gemstone necklaces are really in right now, but so are long chains with charms - and we'll be showing you both. Our pieces will show up here on the blog before they are actually on the website. Give us a couple of days to put the jewelry on the website with the price and description.
Above, chunky gemstone necklaces are really in this Fall, and this necklace is certainly chunky! It features sanded rock crystal nuggets (they have a frosty look). This great necklace dresses up or goes casual - very versatile!
Above, an aquamarine bracelet with gold vermeil and 14 karat goldfilled accents (gold is quite the thing this season!); sunstone is a great partner with aquamarine and brings in the sienna colour that is one of the season's best.
Below, a feminine chalcedony bracelet has gemstones echoing the colour of the lampwork beads.
Below, the iolite bracelet has a sparkling druzy as well as very special silver-laced lampwork beads. The Fall colours represented? Majolica (blue) and creme brulee.

The bracelet below is, believe it or not, moonstone - a dark peachy moonstone that represents Fall's sienna colour; again, gold is really hot this season.

Fire agate bracelet features a focal that is gorgeous!

One of the season's big colours is purple. These amethyst bracelets will be the perfect accessory to accent many of the Fall season's outfits.
We'll have more tomorrow!

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Gemstones, Swarovski, and Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is always a whirl of last-minute gifts - people seeking presents for those they care for and want to remember on the holiday. In this business, I've been surprised, pleasantly, I must say, by how many men buy jewelry gifts or make arrangements for them well in advance of holidays whether Valentine's, Christmas, or a birthday. Strangely enough, it is often women who seem to wait until the last minute and decide that they want an extra stocking stuffer or that they want to get their daughters or daughters-in-law something for Valentine's Day. I'm surprised, I suppose, because my husband will wait until Christmas Eve to buy a Christmas present for me (but he always does a great job, so I'm not complaining!).
While we do have a special page with a few suggestions for Valentine's Day jewelry gifts, the best gifts are those that are meaningful to the recipient in some way. For instance, the amethyst bracelet makes an especially good gift if you know that she has a February birthday, since amethysts are the February birthstone. Or maybe you know that she is just crazy about amethysts - or even wears purple often. Some of the bracelets below are great for those women who take their faith seriously and wish to wear it. The gold-filled Salvation bracelet that you see below has a special meaning for Christians. The gemstones, or in some cases Swarovski crystals, each is a symbol of the progression of one's faith. The black bead represents being lost in sin; the red, the blood of Christ; the blue, faith; the clear bead (or in some cases a white bead) represents purity of heart or a clear heart; green, for growing in faith; and finally, the gold bead represent Heaven with streets paved with gold. I always try to add other Christian symbols as well, and most of my Salvation bracelets will have a sterling silver or goldfilled cross charm or a prayer box attached to them. The following 4 bracelets are each an interpretation in gemstones or Swarovskis of the Salvation bracelet:

Two more bracelets - just for fun. The fire agate and chalcedony bracelet, above, is an attempt to recreate a favorite bracelet - often very difficult to do because the special lampwork beads are so hard to come by. And, below, a sweet freshwater pearl bracelet with Swarovski crystal butterflies has a fresh, ingenue appeal.

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