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Tuesday, May 06, 2014

May Is the Month for Emeralds!

emerald bracelet
 It's no secret that I love emeralds.  I am a May baby, after all, so the emerald is my birthstone.  My dream is to have a huge emerald cut emerald ring - but I haven't gotten around to that yet.  
Emeralds belong to the same class of gemstone as the aquamarine;they are beryls. The green color in the emerald comes from chromium.  Emeralds are one of the four so-called "precious" gemstones, along with diamonds, rubies, and sapphires.
It is very difficult to find a "perfect" emerald since almost all of them have inclusions.  And finding pretty emeralds in the form of beads is especially difficult, since most of the least-included emeralds are used for cut gemstones.  Most emerald beads are quite heavily included or opaque (or often both).  Even included and imperfect, I still adore emeralds.
One of the reasons I love emeralds is because they are very versatile. Emeralds look very good when combined with other gemstones, both precious and semi-precious.  The emerald bracelet shown above and below also has neon blue apatite and rubies with sterling silver.
emerald bracelet
 The emerald bracelet shown in the next two pictures, below, features neon apatite rondelles and peacock blue apatite coins.
emerald bracelet

emerald bracelet
 Of course, plain emeralds, here they are in the form of faceted nuggets and smooth coins which are quite rough, are a classic on their own with just a touch of gold or silver.  In this bracelet, the faceted nuggets are accented with 14 karat gold-fill.
emerald bracelet
 Little faceted opaque emerald rondelles dangle from these sterling silver chandelier earrings.
emerald earrings
In the emerald earrings below, bezel-set opaque cabochon emeralds hang from sterling silver earwires each decorated with a single flat heart on its front.  Hammered sterling silver rings hang below the emeralds.
emerald earrings
 Two emeralds piggy-backed and surrounded by sterling silver make the perfect precious pendant necklace. The flat faceted emerald nugget is a favorite shape of mine.  The dark inclusions add to the texture and interest of the gemstone.
emerald necklace
Emerald Necklace
 Emeralds and pearls are a combination dating back hundreds and hundreds of years.  Here the emeralds are with freshwater coin and keishe pearls in a creamy white color.  Two almost oval faceted emerald nuggets are on each side of the necklace. Three gorgeous faceted briolettes are the centerpiece of this emerald necklace.
emerald necklace
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For more about emeralds, see Emeralds: The May Birthstone

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Back from Bulgaria and New Jewelry

Happy New Year!  I am looking forward to 2014 being a wonderful, creative and productive year; I hope you are as well. I spent the Christmas holidays with my son and his family in Sofia, Bulgaria, the first time I had traveled to that country.  I've already fallen in love with Bulgaria despite not having it snow while we were there. Luckily, my son lives almost in the side of Mt. Vitosha and a quick drive did provide some white magic.  I fell in love with the food (ummmm, shopska salad and eggs panagyurishte ), the wonderful churches and monasteries, the people, the art. I saw fantastic early Thracian jewelry (Southeastern Bulgaria was part of Thrace at one time), wonderful icons, and ancient sites of worship.  I can't wait to go back. Of course, the main attraction was family, but Bulgaria with family is much better than Bulgaria on my own!

Above, the Rila monastery a couple of hours outside Sofia.

The jewelry today includes (above) a ruffled looking necklace made up of tightly strung dark blue chalcedony faceted briolettes; the color is fantastic!  Then a chalcedony bracelet that is a so rich looking with faceted rectangles of chartreuse chalcedony and 14 karat gold-filled beads and toggle clasp.
Below, vermeil earrings are graceful and reminiscent of some of the Byzantine jewelry I saw in Bulgaria where the gold is so pure that it shines a deep gold. The dangling tips are sunstones.

Below are bezel-set cabochon emeralds with sterling silver. The earwires are decorated with shiny hearts; below the oval emeralds are round hammered circles. Below the emerald earrings are dangle earrings with faceted bezel-set gemstones of pink chalcedony and garnets, also in sterling silver.

Oh, and I am enjoying tremendously the SNOW that we got on Tuesday. It was a rare delight to witness snow falling from morning until into the night and I was happy all day long! The snow energized me, and I was working hard on fulfilling those New Year's resolutions that I make every year. Meanwhile, work still continues on the new site.

Monday, May 03, 2010

The Emerald Days of May

I love May, the month of my birthday, for its flowers, green leafy beginnings shooting from the ground, and for the life that suddenly moves from inside stuffy houses to the fresh and fragrant outdoors. I always think of it as the month of emeralds, and the emerald is truly an appropriate birthstone for May. I love working with emeralds and I especially like to combine them with other gemstones. Today, however, most of the jewelry pieces that you see here have emeralds mixed only with sterling silver and lampwork beads. The emerald bracelet above is an example since it features only emeralds and sterling silver in two strands. Little charms hang around the bracelet and give it the life that this May birthstone deserves while opaque and transparent emeralds in different shapes and sizes mingle with one another.
One of the things I love about making jewelry is that I can make it affordable. At one time, few people could ever afford an emerald bracelet or necklace or even earrings. But using emeralds of different quality that have been made into beads, I can make a piece of emerald jewelry that you can wear forever - and it is the real thing!
Above, is an emerald bracelet with one lampwork bead that gives it a lively touch, while the emerald bracelet below features three of our nicest lampwork beads as the focal for the bracelet.
And the last emerald bracelet is extremely simple: a sterling silver bangle with four light-coloured fluted emeralds set in sterling scallops.

The earrings that you see here are also genuine emeralds, again mixed with sterling silver. I love the dainty chandelier earrings with three little faceted emerald rondelles dangling from each earring.
Finally, a cultured freshwater pearl emerald necklace with genuine emeralds. Keishe pearls are my new favorite pearl; their iridescence is generally particularly strong and their uneven shapes make them shine all the more.
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emerald necklace

Thursday, April 30, 2009

May: The Month of Emeralds

I adore emeralds: it's no secret. The emerald is my birthstone and I am delighted by its colours whether the palest green like pond water to the dark translucent greens that one can see in the Tower of London in the Crown Jewels of England. Emeralds also remind me of one of my favorite places, India, as do rubies. Say the phrase "emeralds and rubies" and India instantly springs to my mind with all its beauty, strangeness, and mystery.

It is a joy to work with emeralds whether they are gem quality or opaque or totally included and rustic. The very knowledge that they are emeralds still imbues them with mystery and exoticism (I have some very crude uncut emeralds that a friend brought me back from Mexico; they are rather rock-like, but I still cherish them).
I am still trying to organize my new studio, but did have some time for the emerald bracelets that you see here. As you can see, I do like mixing emeralds of different quality for a unique texture and range of colours. An AA emerald may be beside an included, opaque stone, but each acts as a foil for the other.
I will be writing more information on emeralds, their history and the beliefs surrounding them. By the way, the largest cut emerald is known as the Mogul Emerald, dates from 1695,and although it was discovered in Colombia was carved and set in, yes, India! I will be going to see it soon, for it belongs to the Smithsonian's National Gem and Mineral Collection.