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Sunday, September 09, 2012

A Few Pieces from the Fall Collection and Sapphires

If you've been following the fashion news, you know that the big color news this fall is black and navy, burgundy, and winter white. Since all are basically neutrals, that makes me very, very happy. I love to wear neutrals and add bright touches with scarves, and of course, jewelry. So this fall, where jewelry colors are concerned, almost anything goes!
    Above, a new style for Cluny Grey and one that I'm sure that you'll love!. Three strands of flashy labradorite faceted coins glimmer across the front of your wrist while two large nuggets of labradorite, also flashy, hold the bracelet in place. The labradorite clasp adds that special touch that makes the piece extra elegant.

Agate jewelry has been in vogue and shows no signs of going away. The agate bracelet that you see above illustrates the interesting patterns that can be found in the gemstone. It also blends wonderfully with many other stones as well as you can see in this agate bracelet that has large flat faceted agate nuggets separated by faceted ruby rondelles.  Gold is back stronger than ever!

We are well into September and here are some new pieces in sapphire, the September birthstone: above, a sapphire bangle bracelet in sterling silver with Thai Karen Hill Tribe dangles hanging from the sides. Below, a gold bangle bracelet with smooth oval sapphires.

Below, a simple chain necklace with a single drop featuring 3 faceted rondelles topped with a smooth oval sapphire. Last, the prettiest sterling silver chain made of cutout hearts with three smooth sapphire ovals hanging beside the swivel curved lobster clasp.


Sunday, March 04, 2012

Aquamarines, Emeralds, and Labradorite

March is the month for aquamarines although anytime is a good time for aquamarines!  Who doesn't love them?  From pale green to turquoise to strong blue, aquamarines are just luscious - and they go so well with so many other gemstones.  Above is a simple aquamarine bracelet with cultured freshwater pearls.  The smaller aquamarine nuggets are a gorgeous shade of blue with great faceting.
Below, aquamarine nuggets and rondelles are paired with a pretty deeper green peridot for a striking result.  The intricate braided-look sterling silver chain adds to the bracelet's complexity, and a single pendant-like charms has a faceted, bezel-set peridot in a pretty star or flower-like shape. 
I always love emeralds (I'm a May baby so I'm fortunate to have the emerald as my birthstone). Two views of the same emerald bracelet, below show how wonderful emeralds look with sterling silver.  There are two strands of emeralds, large and small, and little Thai Karen Hill Tribes sterling flower charms hang at intervals along the bracelet.

Labradorite with its blue and blue-green flash is amazing.  The photos here really don't show the great flsh of the main focal nugget, but it is great! The other labradorite stones all have flash as well.  And the toggle clasp is a sterling silver dragonfly!

Finally, a simple citrine necklace has a pretty dangle with carved, nugget, and gem-quality citrines hanging from the main strand.

Sunday, December 04, 2011

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

I only have 3 bracelets to show today; I am busy trying to get all my special orders done. But a shipment with these rubies, above, made me decide that I needed a break from the things I was working on. I put together this ruby bracelet with these gorgeous faceted ruby oval nuggets. They are a lovely dark red color - no brown. The artist's lampwork beads are the same colour, but with lashings of real sterling silver winding around each one.
I always like aquamarine.  It's a favorite because it looks good on everybody.  I haven't yet met a person who cannot wear aquamarine. This aquamarine bracelet features three of my best large faceted nuggets in a lovely blue colour complemented by artist's lampwork beads and Karen Hill Tribes sterling silver.   It is a substantial bracelet, but one that is easy to wear since it is only one strand and has just the one charm. The colours here are gorgeous!
Finally, a labradorite bracelet with Swarovski crystals in tanzanite.  Don't know what it is, but tanzanite looks wonderful with labradorite, a seemingly unlikely pairing. 
  You have a bit less than two weeks to order before I take off for Africa - Mozambique and Swaziland!  I can't wait to see the jewelry and what gemstones and beads I can find there.  Meanwhile, don't forget that shipping is FREE when you purchase anything over 50 and only 1.95 when the purchase is under 50.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Swarovski, Swarovski, and Gemstones

Not officially part of the Spring Collection, but still an integral part of the Cluny Grey Jewelry Collection are our Swarovski crystal pieces. Whether the crystals stand alone in a jewelry piece or are mixed with freshwater pearls, as we often do, or with gemstones, Swarovski crystals are classics and the jewelry pieces we make from them are classic also. Above, this Swarovski crystal handmade necklace is very special with its two circles of golden crystals defining the ends of the necklace and the special Swarovski crystal rings hanging from them. This is really a type of short lariat necklace. Below, Swarovski crystals in the silver shadow colour mix very well with silvery freshwater pearls and sterling silver in this freshwater pearl necklace. Large cosmic and graphic Swarovski crystals are at intervals throughout the necklace for discreet sparkle. Because the crystals do not have an AB coating, you could actually wear this to the office with a business suit.

Although not sold as a set, the Swarovski crystal bracelet below looks great with the first necklace, above, while the Swarovski crystal bracelet below it looks great with the silver shadow pearl necklace. The third Swarovski crystal bracelet is made of uncoated Swarovski crystals in large sizes for a sedate sparkle that is still full of WOW!

Of course, we always have gemstone bracelets, and the labradorite bracelets you see below are some of our favorite. The flashing gemstones with its blue, yellow, green and aqua fire is always beautiful!
Below the labradorite is a gemstone bracelet handcrafted of pretty tourmalinated quartz. The paler green is perfect for Spring, and the toggle clasp features a cabochon of green onyx set in it.More favorites: a sapphire bracelet with a borosilicate artist's lampwork focal bead and some of our favorite sterling silver; a spectacular aquamarine bracelet that is surprisingly mixed with rubies and has an outstanding hexagonal thick opaque ruby for a focal. The second strand is a simple chain maille chain with a single charm boasting a cabochon ruby set in its middle. The aquamarine slabs are gorgeous, and the bracelet has a cabochon ruby bezel set into the toggle clasp as well.

The last two bracelets star smoky quartz; one smoky quartz bracelet rocks with pretty faceted and carved beads of rose quartz; the other has lovely lampwork beads and sterling silver spiral charms that add colour and texture to it.
Below are two more views of the necklaces featured today. Please give me some time to get these priced and on the Cluny Grey Jewelry website. I have so much new jewelry that I've made that I am really running behind!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Lazy Sundays

I love the sound of "lazy Sundays" although mine are usually not lazy at all. I often spend them working on photographs and the website if I've been able to make any jewelry that week. But I still love the concept and even though I'm working, it's as though the work isn't really work since I'm doing it on Sunday! It may be January, but I am busy working on new Spring jewelry; meanwhile, here are some pieces that will be on the website in the next day or two if they are not already. Above is a unique bracelet with a special wirewrapped focal bead, a faceted rectangle of rose quartz, and 5 strands of rose quartz rondelles interspersed with different gemstones - rubies, citrines, tourmalinated quartz, apatite, and amethysts. (It's my new favorite!). Below, you can never have too much labradorite! This labradorite bracelet is made up of two strands of different sizes and shapes of labradorite beads with little charms of labradorite hanging from the strands, and sterling silver accents.
I've been very interested in pearls lately, mixing and matching them with different elements. Below is a coin pearl bracelet with red magma Swarovski crystals (I love this red magma colour!) A sterling silver handmade rose and leaf from the Thai Karen Hill Tribes hang from one side of the bracelet. The freshwater coin pearls have a lovely nacre.
(See Gemstone Earrings)
More pearls below: freshwater pearl earrings in pink with light rose Swarovski crystals match the pearl bracelet with its flower accents, including a pretty flower decorated toggle clasp in sterling. The last two pieces are simple coin pearl necklaces, the first with Swarovski crystals and sterling silver, and the second with vermeil and keishe pearls.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

The Sparkle of Christmas

It is truly the Christmas season! Every year, it creeps up on me, it seems, earlier and earlier. NO, I don't have my Christmas shopping done; the tree is not yet up (it should arrive by Fedex on Thursday, a nice fresh Fraser fir) and I am as busy as I can be! And it's only the 7th of December - I can remember when that date would have meant ages and ages until Christmas, but not any more.
I do really love the Christmas season. Here in Arlington, we've already had our first snowfall, big, fluffy flakes that looked like feathers falling from a goosedown pillow. Lovely.
Today, just a small sampling of some of the new pieces going on the website. I can't seem to get them all on there and priced fast enough!
First, above is a labradorite bracelet that is a bit different from most of those I make. It's a smaller scale, and it has apatite in it to match the flash of the labradorite stones. Below, a sunstone bracelet features lots of sterling silver charms, a sterling Thai Karen Hill Tribes chain, a special lampwork bead, and pretty, flashing sunstone nuggets, rondelles, and triangles. Adding to the sparkle is a special marcasite toggle clasp. Sunstone looks great with many colours since its sparkle perks up black and other neutrals and it's a great complement to blue and green. If you like to wear coral jewelry in the summer, sunstone is the fall and winter equivalent.
The freshwater pearl bracelet also features chain from the Thai Karen Hill Tribes and charms and beads (sterling of course) in an ocean them. The lampwork bead that is the focal is one of master lampworker Robin Weber's special beads.
And in keeping with the idea of the ocean, next is an
abalone necklace with an unusual pendant. The abalone shimmers and shines; the pendant is reminiscent of seaweed waving in the ocean currents. The middle branch holds a large oval of abalone; one side has a faceted oval smoky quartz and a faceted marquise rhodonite garnet, the other, a round faceted peridot and an oval faceted blue topaz.

The bottom unique bracelet bracelet (2 views) features a large focal emerald nugget, faceted rondelle sapphires. faceted rondelle emeralds, large faceted ruby rondelles and faceted rectangle rubies. The sterling silver bracelet has a pendant with a cabochon ruby in a bezel setting.

If you are still Christmas shopping, we are starting to send everything by Priority mail (no charge to the customer) to make sure that it reaches you by Christmas. Give a unique gift to someone special! If we don't have something you like, please see our blog list for other "indie" jewelry dealers!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Aftermath of Thanksgiving!

I love Thanksgiving; it is my favorite holiday of the year. This year was especially good because we had children at Thanksgiving - my new grand-daughter and a three-year-old guest. What was remarkable was that we managed to have Thanksgiving here in Arlington, in an ill-equipped apartment instead of at home where all the good china, crystal, and pots and pans are. I hope that we are better equipped next year!
Tomorrow is what is known as "cyber-Monday", supposedly the day people do online Christmas shopping. I'm not sure about that, but just in case, I've been trying to tidy the website and get things listed by tomorrow. There will be a few new jewelry pieces also.
Above, a labradorite bracelet flashes its iridiscent colours, while below, a unique bracelet has a favorite mix of mine: lapis, turquoise, and carnelian.
Below are salvation bracelets, both made of genuine gemstones, that make marvelous Christmas gift for those who wish to show their faith. The second salvation bracelet features a large emerald nugget, a large ruby rondelle, and a large, smooth sapphire nugget as well as onyx, rock crystal, and citrine. It also has unusually elaborite sterling silver accents.

The bracelet that you see above is not rose quartz, but a very, very pretty pink chalcedony. Its matching chalcedony necklace also features a sterling silver chain with extra charms hanging from it.

Finally, a special piece: a smoky quartz bracelet has a special turtle clasp that features a golden Biwa pearl as well as a cabochon peridot set in its back.

I hope that you've recovered from your Thanksgiving feast and are getting ready to enjoy the holidays!