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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Gemstone Bracelets Shine!

I've been working these crisp, cold days of Fall. And when it rains, I can work without ceasing! As a result, I have some new bracelets that are perfect for gifts - or for gifting yourself! Above and below, two views of the same bracelet (which will be placed in our Blue Topaz Jewelry category on the site). The bracelet combines Swiss blue topaz cubes, and boy do they sparkle!, with flashing labradorite. A bezel-set faceted labradorite gemstone is near the center of the bracelet. One side features Swiss Blue Topaz and tiny Thai Karen Hill Tribes beads: the other, different chains hold little charms of Swiss Blue Topaz briolettes and a single teardrop of labradorite.  The special clasp is a toggle with a faceted labradorite bezel-set on both sides. The Swiss Blue Topaz cubes are some of the most sparkling gemstones I've seen, and they are AAA gem quality.

Above and below, a different combination of gemstones makes this bracelet cheerful and unique.  Aquamarine, prehnite, and yellow opal make an interesting mix with plenty of Karen Hill Tribes sterling silver, including little flower charms. A scalloped toggle clasp is the closure. There are 4 strands in this bracelet so it is distinctive on the wrist.
These unique bracelets make great Christmas gifts for someone special!
This mother-of-pearl bracelet is one of my favorites. The large ovals that you see are faceted mother-of-pearl with a pinkish cast.  The smaller gemstones are moonstones. Three strands include one of mother-of-pearl, one of Karen Hill Tribes beads with moonstones, and one special chain made of interlocking hearts.  All sterling silver. Below the bottom bracelet is a pair of matching earrings.
Finally, a last gemstone bracelet boasts two strands: one is sterling silver with tiny little heart and arrow charms hanging from it; the other has a medley of gemstones with a genuine ruby at the center. The gemstones are Swiss and London Blue Topaz, amethyst, citrine, and labradorite. This charming bracelet is great for mixing with your favorite outfits. And what a perfect Christmas gift!
Don't forget that shipping is free for purchases over $50 and only $1.95 for purchases under $50!

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Happy New Year!!!

Yes, I am making New Year's Resolutions. No, I haven't finished them. I find that New Year's Resolutions are very important to me. They allow me to take stock really of the past year to determine what I want to improve upon for the coming year. I also take my time about writing them. I give myself all of January to make New Year's Resolutions since some of the most obvious don't always present themselves the first time I sit down to think about them. Some of my most important resolutions are those I think of while going about my routine, especially when I do something that makes me unhappy or ill-at-east. An ongoing one has been to be tolerant and easy-going about traffic situations. I've had it for a while now, and I have improved. Traffic doesn't phase me much; I don't curse other drivers or get jittery in a massive slowdown. Working on it has really helped!

One resolution is to write in this blog more often. I was horrified to see that I hadn't posted since early December. The Christmas season kept me very, very busy; this last week, the Wednesday before New Year's Eve, I had oral surgery (yuk!) and I'm just now starting to feel normal again.

The jewelry today: above, a ruby bracelet made with deep blue faceted turquoise, a new favorite combination for me; a sunstone bracelet with three ravishing strands of sparkling sunstone; below, two mother of pearl bracelets, the first with circles and squares and the addition of blue chalcedony in the squares and a mother of pearl clasp, the second, beautiful mother of pearl (my favorite mother of pearl that I have) with an iridiscent greyish cast and sterling silver.

Remember to make your New Year's Resolutions; it really can help!