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Sunday, August 03, 2014

Cleopatra and the "Gem of the Sun"

peridot bracelet
 Peridot, the August birthstone, is a pretty gemstone with a clear green color. It is fairly easy usually for us to find translucent peridot that are especially pretty for the jewelry that I make. I do like working with it; the only drawback to peridot is that it is usually difficult to find very large stones.
three strand peridot bracelet
    Peridot has a rich history, full of legends and lore that makes it an especially interesting gemstone.
The Egyptians called peridot the "gem of the sun" and believed that it was best mined at night when it shone brightly; during the day, it shone so brightly that it couldn't even be seen!
    Most of the peridot mined in the ancient world came from St. John's, an island about 50 miles off the coast of Egypt.  It was so overrun by snakes that the miners had a difficult time until the Pharaoh had all the snakes killed.  Much easier for the miners, not so good for the snakes. As a result, however, peridot is still believed by many to be a guard against snakebite!
   The first three photos are of Minuet Verde, a three strand peridot bracelet with a two-sided sterling bead in the middle of the middle strand.  The bead has two cabochon peridots bezel-set into it.  The bracelet also has a double sided toggle clasp with a faceted square peridot set diagonally in each side of the toggle.
peridot bracelet with 3 strands of peridots and sterling
    Many historians believe that the emeralds that Cleopatra wore were not emeralds at all, but actually peridots which would have been readily accessible to her and can easily be confused with emeralds. 
   For many centuries, people thought the 200 carat gems in the shrine of the Three Holy Kings in Cologne Cathedral in Germany were emerald. They are really peridots (
   Above and below, another three strand peridot bracelet. The gemstones are small and sparkling and accented by 5 sterling silver flower charms and a pretty heart-shaped sterling lobster clasp.
peridot bracelet with sterling charms

peridot bracelet with quartz crystal
    Peridot is thought to help one achieve harmony in marriage. The ancients believed that it would give one eloquence and also protect one from evil spirits. It is often used today by proponents of crystal healing for asthma and a slew of other ailments.
   Above and below, this peridot bracelet has 5 strands of peridots on one side of the bracelet and faceted peridot rondelles set between large faceted nuggets of quartz crystal on the other.  In the center, sterling silver and peridot charms are clustered next to a faceted rose quartz square.
peridot bracelet with rose quartz
 Today, most peridots come from Burma since St. John's island has not been mined since the 1950's.  The largest peridot is approximately 310 carats and resides here in Washington, D.C.'s Smithsonian museum.
peridot bracelet with lampwork beads
    Above, a double-stranded bracelet of peridots with the main strand featuring quite large faceted peridots while the second strand has small peridots. The peridots are accented by square artist's lampwork beads shot with silver handmade by Robin Weber. Below, a bracelet made of peridot rondelles and sterling silver butterflies from the Thai Karen Hill Tribes.
peridot bracelet
    Below, another peridot bracelet featuring lampwork beads and large faceted peridot nuggets.  The second strand is a large oval-lined chain dangling Thai Karen Hill Tribes flower charms.
peridot bracelet with peridot nuggets and sterling silver

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  • Saturday, September 17, 2011

    It's Already September!

    It's already September - and that means sapphires. Actually, it's the middle of September and I am behind in everything. The cool air yesterday and today is wonderful though, and I enjoyed getting out my long sleeves and my fall and winter jewelry. Yes, I do have certain pieces that I wear more in the fall and winter, and it has much to do with the style of the jewelry more than the components or colours or gemstones. I find that in the fall and winter, the pieces I want to wear tend to be more elaborate; I'm more likely to layer necklaces and pile on bracelets than I am in these hot summers we have here. While I wear coral all year long, I tend actually to wear more of it in the fall simply because I like coral in elaborate designs. And coral colours are a staple in my wardrobe as is turquoise.
    Today, we start with three sapphire bracelets.  The first, above, features opaque sapphires, 14 karat goldfilled accents (very large gold fluted beads), and Lightening Ridge opals from Australia. It's a true luxury piece with a second strand featuring a 14 karat goldfilled chain with gold charms.
      Below, I mixed sapphires in dark blue with small gem-quality London Blue topazes.  I love this mixture; it's the first time I've tried it and I will be repeating it.  The accents are all sterling silver, mostly from the Thai Karen Hill Tribes, and the bracelet has a second strand made of tiny Thai sterling beads. Finally, the bottom sapphire bracelet is simply with a heavy dose of sterling silver and larger faceted sapphires. A single sterling silver charm hangs from one side of the bracelet.
    Next are bracelets made of varied gemstones and materials. First is a kyanite bracelet with lovely blue kyanite and two artist's lampwork beads for added interest. A decorated sterling chain winds around one side of the bracelet.  The sterling heart-shaped toggle is a stand-out with a beaded design, and the three kyanite teardrops look wonderful on the wrist.
    Above and below are pictures of the same bracelet: an abalone and emerald bracelet with vermeil (22 karat gold layered over sterling silver). These rough, opaque emeralds look wonderful with the iridescent abalone.  The two strands are both chock-full of emeralds, abalone and gold.
    The bracelet above is a favorite; I love green and purple together.  This two-strand fluorite bracelet is special for the beauty of the gemstones, the artist's lampwork beads, and that beautiful floral clasp in sterling silver.
    Below, a simpler fluorite bracelet still has the green and purple mixture, and one of our best artist's lampwork beads as a focal. Charms and a pretty gemstone clasp complete the piece.
    One of my favorite Swarovski colours, and I hope that they never discontinue it, is Pacific opal. The Swarovski bracelet above illustrates the intensity and beauty of the colour which is accented by a single floral artist's lampwork bead, and intricate sterling silver. 
       Below are two peridot bracelets. The first mixes peridot with pretty intense pink rose quartz, artist's lampwork beads (especially pretty ones), and sterling silver.  The second strand is a Thai Karen Hill Tribes chain with charms.
       The second peridot bracelet is also double-stranded with a generous helping of peridot of different shapes, artist's lampwork and sterling silver.

    Here's to trying to keep up! Enjoy the beginning of Fall!


    Wednesday, August 25, 2010

    The Different Faces of Jewelry

    It is nearing the end of summer; there were so many things that I wanted to do while the summer sun shone brightly that I may not be able to accomplish in the few summer days left, but I relish the change of seasons, especially the change from summer to fall. I've been working on my Fall Collection of jewelry frantically incorporating the season's colours into new looks that will complement Fall clothing. I've also been working on my new line of cameo necklaces and antique style jewelry; this line is very time-consuming since glue is often involved and the curing time for the strong-holding (but non-toxic!) glue that I use can take several days.
    Above is a simple antique style bracelet with an art-nouveau look; with its three strands of silver chain and heavy filigree, it also has a contemporary air as well and would look great with a grey blouse (and grey is one of the great colours for Fall 2010). Below is a year-round favorite; turquoise. This turquoise bracelet features a special lampwork bead with a desert landscape on it as well as one of our favorite sterling silver bird toggles. The heavy sterling chain, one of the three strands of the bracelet, is also a favorite.

    It's still August and peridot is the August birthstone. In this peridot bracelet, the gemstone is mixed with pretty blue aquamarine for a different look and a mix of 2 of Fall's hottest colours. The next bracelet is made of genuine rough emeralds and features dolphin beads in sterling as well as a special clasp with a bezel-set faceted emerald.

    An art nouveau looking piece, above, again in silver, with the addition of blue rhinestones and Czech fire-polished beads. The dangling chains are still a hot look for this Fall; here, little silver Czech beads dangle from them.
    Below, a bracelet that is a combination of aqua quartz (the rectangular slab) brass oxidized filigree, and Preciosa crystal and Czech firepolished beads - a great statement bracelet! It's both sweet and showy at the same time.
    Finally, a long agate necklace with very large oval links shows off slabs of purple agate with their beautiful patterns; the focal is a smooth teardrop of charoite.
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    Monday, July 19, 2010

    Something Old, Something New

    And in this case, the old is what's new! I'm starting a new, small line of antique-style jewelry that will include Victorian and Georgian styles along with the occasional Edwardian and Art Deco piece. Of course, I will continue with my main line of gemstone jewelry because it is the closest to my heart; I love gemstones and will always want to work with them. The new line represents my interest in history - both of jewelry and other cultures and will include jewelry styles from other countries as well as Europe and America. One caveat: most of this jewelry is made from vintage materials and components that have been plated or even painted or finished by me. For the most part, the pieces are not sterling silver and goldfilled although I will be incorporating those elements at times. So when they are on the website, read the descriptions carefully if you are a purist and want only precious metals.
    Above, a filigree upon filigree gold cross that dangles genuine freshwater Baroque pearls. Below, a silver bracelet with a large blue Swarovski rhinestone in the center of the flower.

    Above is a gold filigreed circle with a butterfly and Pacific opal rhinestones set into the wings. Below, a Victorian-style necklace that is a collage piece with some elements such as the green givre marquises which were not actually around in Victorian times. Below the necklace is a gold cameo-like bracelet with pink rhinestones.

    In the Gemstone Jewelry category that you are accustomed to seeing here are a peridot bracelet and rainbow moonstone necklace. The peridot bracelet is 3 strands of peridot with one strand sporting a focal of genuine abalone whose shiny iridescence picks up the glow of the peridot and adds a rainbow flash of colours; there is also a small abalone charm that hangs from another strand near its middle. The rainbow moonstone necklace is full of flashing rainbow moonstone with a rainbow moonstone pendant set in sterling silver. The necklace is accented with Swarovski crystals in Azores, a very pale clear blue that picks up the flash of the rainbow moonstone. Gorgeous and such fun to wear!

    I will be traveling to Arkansas in the next week or so and it will be interesting to see what gemstones and components I've got there to be creative with (I tend to forget when I've been gone). And big surprise!!! I'll be bringing my cats, Cluny and Cuervo, back here with me. I've missed them like crazy!


    Monday, July 27, 2009

    Peridot: The August Birthstone

    Peridot is a gemstone that I feel is often under-rated. It is beautiful in its purest form: a clear almost spring grass green, but equally appealing when included and opaque in colours from a milky green to an olivine colour. The only problem I have with peridot is that I like to work with larger gemstones much of the time, and it is quite difficult to get large nuggets - or any other cut for that matter - of peridot.

    I do love the folklore surrounding peridot. Early on, from before the time of Cleopatra, peridot was mined on the Egyptian island known today as St. John's Island (called Topazios previously). Mining peridot was difficult because the island was infested with snakes - probably the reason that peridot came to be associated with protection from snakes and snakebite. The miners also worked at night since they believed that the peridot was invisible during the day. To this day peridots are sometimes confused with emeralds; supposedly many of the "emeralds" that Cleopatra wore were, in fact, peridots.

    Peridot was said to have many powers including the power to heal asthma, promote good luck and good fortune (it is known as a "money" stone), to guarantee a happy marriage and a good night's sleep. It releases negativity, draws love to you, and soothes the nerves. It is also thought to help one with spiritual enlightenment. No wonder those miners braved serpents to procure this gemstone!

    I cannot guarantee that the peridots in our bracelets will perform all the feats listed above, but these bracelets will certainly look good on your wrist. We have them for every taste (and will have peridot bracelets with gold soon). So if you wear peridot, you will be wearing it in good health!
    Find all these peridot bracelets soon on Peridot Bracelets page on the Cluny Grey Jewelry website.