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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Snowfall, Lampwork and Turquoise

aquamarine necklace
I am sitting in my fourth floor studio with a window halfway open even though it is 29 degrees outside (it does get warm up here with an eastern and southern exposure) and I am joyfully awaiting the snowfall that is supposed to be coming our way.  I am hoping that we get at least the 4 to 8 inches promised by the forecast and I will do a jubilant dance in the street if we get the 12 inches the forecasters say is possible.
Before you erroneously think that I am some kind of outdoors woman or snow bunny, let me assure you that I enjoy the snow mostly from inside my townhouse, snug and warm, watching heavy flakes fall past the windows while I make hot tea and eat dark chocolate. I simply think that snow is one of nature's most beautiful products, and it produces in me a feeling of loving home, snugness, happiness, and links me, for some reason, to a past when snow meant people huddling around fires trying to stay warm.  The snow gives me energy and inspires me as well, so it's no wonder that I await its arrival with happy anticipation.
I have been working without real direction lately so  you see a mixed bag of jewelry here. Above is a fantastic necklace with deep blue genuine aquamarines and pretty 14 karat gold-filled accents.
lampwork bracelet
Swarovski and Lampwork Bracelet
I have also been working on lampwork bracelets as you can see above and below. The bracelet above is a wonderful aqua blue with Swarovski crystals and sterling silver. The second strand is a chain that comes from the Thai Karen Hill Tribes. The lampwork bracelet, below, features sterling silver, black Swarovski crystals, and artist's lampwork beads that have an almost tiger-striped look.   The clasp has a cabochon black onyx set into it while a dragonfly charm hangs from a sterling chain.
lampwork bracelet
Last, a prayer box necklace made from very nice blue turquoise tiny, tiny pebbles. The prayer box itself is a favorite since it has crosses on three sides with a cabochon gemstone set in the middle. The stones are turquoise, black, and red. The necklace also features a toggle with an onyx cabochon.
prayer box necklace
Here's to loving snow!
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Friday, October 29, 2010

Five Easy Pieces

These are easy pieces to wear, especially the bangle bracelets!  They are classic pieces with classic gemstones: above, gorgeous faceted rock crystal oval nuggets have a dash of colour added by the genuine ruby rondelles places between them and then again at the very ends of the bracelet's sterling silver sides (from the Thai Karen Hill Tribes). Below is a sterling silver bangle that is made with one of the favorite gemstones of customers, London Blue topazes.  These are gem-quality blue topazes that are finely faceted and complemented by Thai Karen Hill Tribes sterling silver.
Below are bracelets for fire-lovers!The first is a fire agate bracelet and has a gorgeous focal stone with a beautiful pattern and faceting juxtaposed against exquisite lampwork beads in tan colours with turquoise flowers (2) and swirls of darker brown (1). The sterling includes a beaded toggle clasp, a swirled round, a reticulated round, a folded bead and sterling silver flower charm.  The bracelet below is a classic combination of sunstone, lapis and golden vermeil that gives a nod to the ancient while appearing very contemporary. Bali vermeil has the strength to stand with these two dominant gemstones.
Last, a purple and silver lampwork bracelet made with lampwork beads from a favorite lampwork bead artist.  Silver gleams in the lampwork and is picked up by two sizes of little flower charms that hang around the bracelet. It's a fun bracelet that can go casual or extremely dressy!
Contest:  Dragonfly Beads is having a contest/drawing for some of her lovely lampwork beads.  Go to her blog at Dragonfly Lampworks to enter.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

More for Spring!

The Spring Collection continues with jewelry pieces in the newest Spring colours. And two of the newest colours for Spring in one of my favorite bracelets are the two colours mixed in the citrine bracelet above. The yellow is called Aurora (this citrine is perfect) and the other colour represented by Botswana agate and specially chosen rondelles of ocean jasper is a grey called eucalyptus. I love this combination because it reminds me of one of my favorite dresses of all time; I was in the ninth grade and it was a pretty grey wool a-line dress with a yellow organdy yoke with a tiny ruffle. I know, it sounds awful, but I felt gorgeous in it (quite a feat when you're in the ninth grade) and I have never forgotten how very chic those two colours were together. I would wear that dress now if I had it (in the right size, of course)!

Below are two bracelets featuring the colour of the year - Turquoise - mixed with another spring colour - red. The gemstones are turquoise and carnelian, a very red carnelian, I might add. Carnelian comes in many different shades and if you look lower you'll see a carnelian and turquoise bracelet where the carnelian is quite orange!

Two more colours that are in for Spring: a pretty deep blue and a warm beige known as Tuscany. Both are represented here by chalcedony and porcelain jasper, respectively. Little charms highlight the flower them and a lampwork bead ties the colours together. This unique bracelet looks much prettier in person.

Below, another colour for Spring 2010, champagne pink, a pretty delicate colour that will look good with many colours other than pink. The bracelet is made from champagne pink agate; many pieces are in carved shapes.

Above, the tomato red mixed with a hint of another new Spring colour: violet. This lampwork bracelet boasts some of the nicest artists' lampwork I have, and is embedded with little dots of gold. I've mixed them with goldfilled chains, charms, and accents for a bracelet that is really spectacular. The chains are varied, and some go only partially loop around the bracelet. Swarovski crystals add the finishing touch and make this bracelet truly outstanding.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Shades of Blue

I just spent the last week in Florida! How wonderful is that? It was business as usual with the work laptop and almost the entire jewelry inventory along for the ride, but somehow business is quite different with waves frothing on white sand and people you love all around you.
It's funny that I made so much blue-toned jewelry before going to Florida - I'm sure it was my subconscious anticipating the sea. The top lapis bracelet with two strands of lapis is a blue that mimics the dark blue of the ocean close to the horizon; the necklace (of Swarovski crystals entirely) has that clear turquoise that you see closer to the shore as does the bottom bracelet made of Peruvian blue opals. The two Swarovski starfish are just a nice bonus! The lampwork bracelet that you see immediately below is a bit of an anomaly, but still somehow seemed to fit into the sea/beach theme.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Valentine's Day Countdown

I'm still working busily on Valentine's Day jewelry and am just taking a moment to post a few things in the last minutes. I have a Valentine's Jewelry page that I am trying to complete (yes, I'm just as last minute as many of those men who wait and wait to buy their gifts although you would be surprised at how many will get in touch with me a month ahead of time: I've been impressed!). The first picture is of a gold ankle bracelet made with rubies and goldfilled charms and beads. It's called "Turtle Days and Starfish Nights" after the little sea themed charms hanging from the tube beads. Next is a pair of earrings made with heart-shaped freshwater coin pearls (I call them "Baroque" because they have little extra tabs of nacre on them so while they are definitely a recognizable heart shape, they are a little "off", too). The earrings have Karen Hill Tribes butterfly beads and rest on a cabochon freshwater pearl that is bezel-set in sterling silver. They hang from sterling posts with a swirling design and another bezel-set pearl on the front. They would look great with the pearl and Swarovski crystal bracelet below created from the same freshwater pearl hearts and Azores (my favorite very pale blue) crystals.

And of course, I have more red jewelry, a must for Valentine's Day jewelry since red symbolizes love and passion. The Swarovski crystal bracelet below features lampwork beads by Robin Weber, her fire opal beads that are a deep red laced with sterling silver for the ultimate in shine. I've mixed them with the darkest red Swarovski crystals, pretty Bali silver, and Karen Hill Tribes charms, including a garnet charm that hangs beside the heart-shaped Swarovski crystal in the middle of the bracelet. This bracelet can be found on the Swarovski Crystal Bracelets page as well as theValentine's Jewelry page. The bottom bracelet features red also, only a lighter tone this time. The sparkling silver-flecked lampwork beads are by Lynn Nurge of Laffinggull. These Swarovski beads are a lighter red tone to match with the lighter coloured lampwork beads, but they are still large (10mm) as are the ones in the bracelet before. This bracelet can also be found on the same pages.
Back to work I go! And if you've been reading about all the terrible weather and the storms, yes, those were in my part of the country, the worst in Jackson, Tennessee were just across the Mississippi River from us (we're 3 miles away from the Missouri line to the north and to the east about 3 miles is the Mississippi River). The terrible storms were also just an hour south of us as well, but luckily we escaped harm although the winds here were strong enough to turn over our heavy metal patio chairs.