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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Can Spring Be Far Behind?

After 55 inches of snow this year, a new record here in Washington, D.C./Arlington since 1899, it feels strange to think that it is almost March and that, despite the mounds of snow everywhere (there are still some large 5 -6 feet tall mounds) Spring is just around the corner!
Spring means new jewelry - LOTS of new jewelry! And the Spring colours this year are wonderful, or at least I think so, probably because one of the biggest colours for Spring is my favorite - turquoise. Whether it's called deep aqua, lagoon, or any other romantic name, turquoise is a wonderful colour that looks good on almost everyone; it is truly universally becoming. And if you are practicing a certain austerity lately, then a pop of turquoise, in a scarf, in jewelry (such as the apatite bracelet that you see above or the amazonite bracelet below) provides a touch of fashion that will enliven your spirit as well as your outfit.

The aquamarine earrings are a classic clear aquamarine nugget and gold mix while those mixed with sterling have an edgier look featuring chain that is so in right now.

I am so very fond of rock crystal, or clear quartz crystal as it is also known, that when I get some in, I can hardly wait to work with it. The necklace below is chock full of rock crystal smooth briolettes with sterling silver chain meandering around them as well as small freshwater pearls in a pretty grey colour. On one side, dark grey coin pearls hang below the crystals. Three different chains dangle sterling charms in a heart and key motif.

I fell in love with the faceted rock crystal in the quartz necklace (two views, above and below) that sparkles and glistens in sunlight and candlelight! The one spot of colour is a large faceted rectangle of rose quartz in a pretty deep pink.
Pretty in pink perfectly describes the bracelets below, both featuring rose quartz in a luscious pink, top bracelet, and a paler rose colour, (second bracelet).
And if Spring looms ahead, then Summer is just around the corner, so the two ankle bracelets here are just waiting for bare ankles. The first one is full of precious gemstones: emeralds, sapphires, and rubies, while the one underneath features amethysts.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Getting Ready for Fall

Women's Wear Daily is already showing the Spring 2010 fashions, but luckily here at Cluny Grey we don't have to get that far ahead! We are working feverishly on the Fall Collection which we will be posting soon. Meanwhile, custom orders are keeping us busy (as well as my new grand-daughter). And, as usual, it is just a challenge to keep our site pages filled with fresh jewelry as other jewelry sells. Today I have a few "odds and ends" - no special theme here!
First I have a couple of copper bracelets. Copper has been in fashion for a couple of seasons now and it is getting better and better! No more thinking that copper belongs to those medicinal bracelets; it is a chic accessory colour and copper jewelry looks great when you're wearing copper-coloured shoes and/or carrying a copper-coloured bag. An added plus is that it looks great on all skin types. And copper looks great with many of the new Fall colours. Above, a classic turquoise bracelet gets its extra punch from copper in the form of accents and a large linked copper chain. The copper bracelet below is a combination I love: copper Swarovski crystals and copper accents.

I'm very fond of blue Peruvian opal; here you see two opal bracelets, one with sterling silver and one with borosilicate lampwork beads and sterling silver. I'm especially fond of blue Peruvian opal when it has a whitish tint and black inclusions as in the bracelet below.

I can never keep enough ankle bracelets, whether gold or silver, on the site pages. The one above is made with sterling silver and abalone, a great summer combination. Finally, below a pair of dangle earrings made from pretty dark blue lampwork beads.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Stones of Summer

I wrote a blog entry once about how some gemstones are seasonal; that is, they seem to belong to a certain season or seasons (the main division being, however, winter and summer). This really doesn't have anything to do with the Color Me Beautiful idea that women should wear certain colours based on their "season" (meaning the season they fall into determined by their complexions, eye colour and hair colour). This is simply a subjective feeling I have for probably very silly reasons. For instance, I think of rubies as summer gemstones because they are the July birthstone (although rubies do work well in the winter - probably because of the red we habitually see at Christmas?), sunstones are summery because they are reminiscent of the summer sun, bright, orange, glinting, aquamarines because they echo the colours of the ocean, and of course, corals because of the colours and the relationship to the sea (meaning the beach, of course). So some of the most recent bracelets here are summer bracelets from the ruby bracelet at the very top of the page to the last coral bracelet below.
But despite my designating these as "summer stones", they do work well at other times of the year, especially with the addition of a "wintry" stone such as the pietersite in the aquamarine bracelet above.
However, the ankle bracelets that you see below, one ankle bracelet of gold and sunstone and one with aquamarine and sterling silver both sing out summer loud and clear!

Above, coral bracelets page, and   the turquoise and coral bracelets page on the Cluny Grey Jewelry website.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The Sparkle of Swarovski

For the longest time, I wouldn't use Swarovski crystals in my jewelry. I wanted the jewelry to be pure gemstone jewelry with only sterling or gold - I didn't use lampwork beads either. I soon learned what I was missing! Now my only quandary is how much mixing to do with Swarovski. Do I want to add lampwork beads? Pure Swarovski? Should I add some gemstones? And with the addition of the new Graphic, Helix, Cosmic, and other special beads in the very large sizes, Swarovski is more fun to work with than ever.
The first bracelet is one of my favourites: aquamarine, golden shadow, light amethyst, and alexandrite reflect the colours in the two small lampwork beads by Lynn Nurge. These beads have all the colours of an Austrian opal and a certain iridescence also. The Swarovski bracelet is assymetrical as are many of the bracelets I make from a variety of materials.
I stuck with the large Graphic and Cosmic crystals in the bracelet below. The Indicolite Swarovski crystals are accented only by sterling silver Bali beads. The bracelet is nice and chunky and sparkling, and those are good things! Plus, the colour of Indicolite is one of the most mysterious dark turquoise blues I've ever seen.
The last bracelet below is made of Caribbean Blue Opal Swarovski crystals (AB); once again I've only added sterling silver - delicious large filigree beads from the Thai Karen Hill Tribes as well as the neatest ring beads, about 8mm in diameter, that are also wide with some imprinting on them.
You'll be able to find these bracelets and others on the Cluny Grey Jewelry site on the Swarovski Crystal Bracelets page.