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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Rubies: Just a Bit Less Than Wisdom

ruby bracelet
 I've been busy working on rubies when I haven't been visiting my mother and my best friend in Hot Springs, Arkansas.  I do love working with rubies! Rubies are the July birthstone, of course, and how appropriate since it is the red-hot month of summer. Rubies, like Fourth of July fireworks are compelling; one has to look at them. 
   Rubies look good on everyone whether your complexion is dark or light, your haircolour brown, red, grey, blonde, or black (yes, rubies look soooo good on redheads!), whether you are big or small-boned, short or tall. Rubies are universal.
   Above and below, a sterling silver ruby bangle bracelet is so flirtatious with its dangling ruby charms.  The rubies here are faceted rounds that are a soft reddish-pink.
ruby bangle bracelet
 In ancient India, ruby was considered to be the "Lord of Gemstones."  It symbolizes love and devotion and is the preferred gift for both the 15th and 40th years of marriage.
ruby bracelet with lampwork beads
 Above and below, large faceted ruby nuggets are combined with beautiful sterling silver handmade beads, Thai Karen Hill Tribes sterling silver, and some of the finest artist's lampwork beads we've ever had. The toggle clasp has a cabochon ruby bezel-set into it.
ruby bracelet with sterling silver
   Rubies are supposed to help the wearer have happiness, good health, and wisdom.  One of the famous ruby quotations is Biblical: " Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies. .."  Proverbs 31:10.
   Below, 14 karat gold-filled bangle bracelet features a large faceted ruby nugget with two smooth good-sized oval rubies on either side.
gold ruby bracelet
 Rubies are also said to bring good luck to gamblers as well as those who are in love.
ruby bracelet with gold and apatite
 Above, rubies play well with other gemstones.  Here rubies are combined with apatite and 14 karat gold-fill. 
   Below, ruby earrings are made with large faceted nuggets and all 14 karat gold-filled components. 
ruby earrings with gold

gold ruby earrings
 Above, 14 karat gold-filled fluted accents give these ruby earrings a formal touch, while, below, faceted ruby rondelles are cooled down a bit with genuine aquamarine and sterling silver.
ruby earrings with sterling silver and aquamarines
 Below, a sterling silver and ruby necklace, great for everyday or formal occasions.
ruby necklace
Celebrities wearing ruby jewelry: proof that everyone looks good in rubies!
ruby earrings worn by christina hendricks

ruby earrings worn by celebrities

ruby earrings worn by Helen Mirren

ruby necklace and earrings worn by Kate Middleton

ruby earrings worn by Kelly Osbourne

ruby earrings worn by Mila Kunis
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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Colour: Monochromatic or Mixed! CONTEST

I love to read passages that start with "there are two kinds of people in the world..." because of course there never are. But I am still always interested in the way many would divide the world and feel that their choices often reveal a great deal about themselves. So...there are two types of people in the world: those who like great expanses of one colour, with maybe a touch or two of another, the monochromatics, and those who prefer colours many and mixed. Now to show you how ridiculous such a statement is, I will announce that I am both. Of course, to add an element of veracity to the statement, I will say that when I dress, I prefer the monochromatic to the many: no prints, good solid colours that make a statement whether the statement is gentle, muted, loud, or strong. In jewelry, however, I love to mix as you can see from the unusual bracelet below. While I personally prefer to wear the aquamarine bracelet that you see above, I delight in creating and looking at the bracelet below. Circus colours, brightly coloured and patterned lampwork beads, and just a hint of sterling silver - can you hear the colour? It is a cacaphony. The aquamarine bracelet is music, beautiful, but definitely not the 1812 Overture. Debussy?
The last two pictures are of the same ruby necklace. If it were music, what would it be? Send me the name of a piece of music that you think would make a good name for this necklace and win a pair of Swarovski earrings in the colour of your choice!

If you are interested, not just in jewelry but in all types of art, see Best of Artists, a great site that concentrates on art from painting, pottery, and photography to sculpture and jewelry. And yes, yours truly has been listed: see, Best of Artists: Cluny Grey.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Ruby - The July Birthstone

I love rubies! One of the pieces of jewelry I remember from childhood was a faceted ruby pear (glass, of course) pendant that hung from a gold chain. I loved it; it made me think of fairy tales and India and other exotic places that, at the time, I didn't know if I would ever get to see. Now that I have, rubies still remind me of India, Turkey, Egypt, and Spain. I love working with them, and I'm always on the lookout for rubies to put in my jewelry - and the bigger they are, the better! (See links to jewelry at the end of this post.)

Rubies are a folklore staple, part of their exotic mystique. My favorite bit of ruby lore is the belief that putting a ruby under your pillow will ward off nightmares. Also, the ruby is associated in many cultures with an increase in prosperity, fame and accomplishments. Wearing a ruby was/is said to protect one from danger, and various diseases of the blood. According to Aryuvedic traditions, they strengthen the heart, restore balance in both love and spiritual relationships, and help to prevent miscarriages. Of course, rubies are thought to represent passion when a man presents one to a woman as a gift.

In Arabian lore, the ruby (also called the jacinth) was used to describe the beauty of the houris in paradise. Another name for the ruby, widely used in the 17th century was the carbuncle although it was more common to use this word to indicate a garnet. In India, it was known as the "Lord of the Gemstones". In Proverbs 31:10, a virtuous wife’s worth is “far above rubies.”

Scientifically, rubies are known as corundum (as are sapphires) and are a 9 in hardness on the Moh's scale. Only the diamond is harder. Many of the best, dark red rubies are known as pigeon's blood rubies. The best rubies were always thought to come from Burma. However, rubies also come from Thailand, India, Ceylon (Sri Lanka) and even North Carolina in the USA.
It's hard to beat the richness of rubies, even with my favorite - the emerald. The ruby has luxury, mystery, and romance all rolled into one fabulous gemstone!
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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Rubies: Divinely Decadent

Rubies are one of my favourite gemstones. Rubies conjure visions of long-ago India, beautiful dark-haired women in colourful saris trimmed lavishly in gold, their ears and arms heavy with golden jewelry made of rubies and other precious gemstones...corpulent Eastern kings who leer at dancing girls, rubies and diamonds flashing on every finger...exotic courtesans who live only to be beautiful and to please...
But rubies are also a modern favourite; the ruby is the July birthstone and one of the three precious gemstones other than diamonds (the other two are emerald and sapphire). I love to work with rubies although I am limited somewhat by price. However, the natural rubies that you see on this page were all fairly inexpensive, as rubies go. Although I do have some gem-quality rubies on the Cluny Grey Jewelry website, I decided to feature these natural rubies today.

The top photo is a close-up of a
ruby bracelet made of the natural rubies, sterling silver, and one wonderful borosilicate lampwork bead by Frozenfyre. You can see the full bracelet in the picture below. Above is a simple draped chain and ruby necklace of sterling silver with the natural rubies holding everything together.

The last bracelet is a handcrafted chain from the Karen Hill Tribes doubled with a toggle clasp and ruby charms. A very simple bracelet that can be worn everyday, these natural rubies are also a dark maroon/burgundy colour that can go with many different clothing colours.
Happy Birthday to you July babies!