Sunday, February 28, 2010

More for Spring!

The Spring Collection continues with jewelry pieces in the newest Spring colours. And two of the newest colours for Spring in one of my favorite bracelets are the two colours mixed in the citrine bracelet above. The yellow is called Aurora (this citrine is perfect) and the other colour represented by Botswana agate and specially chosen rondelles of ocean jasper is a grey called eucalyptus. I love this combination because it reminds me of one of my favorite dresses of all time; I was in the ninth grade and it was a pretty grey wool a-line dress with a yellow organdy yoke with a tiny ruffle. I know, it sounds awful, but I felt gorgeous in it (quite a feat when you're in the ninth grade) and I have never forgotten how very chic those two colours were together. I would wear that dress now if I had it (in the right size, of course)!

Below are two bracelets featuring the colour of the year - Turquoise - mixed with another spring colour - red. The gemstones are turquoise and carnelian, a very red carnelian, I might add. Carnelian comes in many different shades and if you look lower you'll see a carnelian and turquoise bracelet where the carnelian is quite orange!

Two more colours that are in for Spring: a pretty deep blue and a warm beige known as Tuscany. Both are represented here by chalcedony and porcelain jasper, respectively. Little charms highlight the flower them and a lampwork bead ties the colours together. This unique bracelet looks much prettier in person.

Below, another colour for Spring 2010, champagne pink, a pretty delicate colour that will look good with many colours other than pink. The bracelet is made from champagne pink agate; many pieces are in carved shapes.

Above, the tomato red mixed with a hint of another new Spring colour: violet. This lampwork bracelet boasts some of the nicest artists' lampwork I have, and is embedded with little dots of gold. I've mixed them with goldfilled chains, charms, and accents for a bracelet that is really spectacular. The chains are varied, and some go only partially loop around the bracelet. Swarovski crystals add the finishing touch and make this bracelet truly outstanding.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Can Spring Be Far Behind?

After 55 inches of snow this year, a new record here in Washington, D.C./Arlington since 1899, it feels strange to think that it is almost March and that, despite the mounds of snow everywhere (there are still some large 5 -6 feet tall mounds) Spring is just around the corner!
Spring means new jewelry - LOTS of new jewelry! And the Spring colours this year are wonderful, or at least I think so, probably because one of the biggest colours for Spring is my favorite - turquoise. Whether it's called deep aqua, lagoon, or any other romantic name, turquoise is a wonderful colour that looks good on almost everyone; it is truly universally becoming. And if you are practicing a certain austerity lately, then a pop of turquoise, in a scarf, in jewelry (such as the apatite bracelet that you see above or the amazonite bracelet below) provides a touch of fashion that will enliven your spirit as well as your outfit.

The aquamarine earrings are a classic clear aquamarine nugget and gold mix while those mixed with sterling have an edgier look featuring chain that is so in right now.

I am so very fond of rock crystal, or clear quartz crystal as it is also known, that when I get some in, I can hardly wait to work with it. The necklace below is chock full of rock crystal smooth briolettes with sterling silver chain meandering around them as well as small freshwater pearls in a pretty grey colour. On one side, dark grey coin pearls hang below the crystals. Three different chains dangle sterling charms in a heart and key motif.

I fell in love with the faceted rock crystal in the quartz necklace (two views, above and below) that sparkles and glistens in sunlight and candlelight! The one spot of colour is a large faceted rectangle of rose quartz in a pretty deep pink.
Pretty in pink perfectly describes the bracelets below, both featuring rose quartz in a luscious pink, top bracelet, and a paler rose colour, (second bracelet).
And if Spring looms ahead, then Summer is just around the corner, so the two ankle bracelets here are just waiting for bare ankles. The first one is full of precious gemstones: emeralds, sapphires, and rubies, while the one underneath features amethysts.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Yes, We've Had Some Snow!

Actually we've had rather a lot of snow here in the Washington, D.C., Arlington area! I am loving it! The federal government has been closed for the third day in a row, and will be closed tomorrow. For the first time today, I looked out and saw that the major streets I live on had not been cleared - still haven't. We're approaching the record of, I believe, 35 inches that was set in 1899 for D.C. The airports were completely closed today, and I'm wondering if my husband is going to be able to get in tomorrow on his afternoon flight.
Although I haven't been able to make jewelry as much as I'd like, I do have some new pieces that I haven't put on the blog before to show you. Because of the snow, I've been drawn to colour to counteract all the white and grey. The top bracelet is a medley of colours and gemstones: aqua, pink, and green chalcedony, peridot, amethyst, sterling silver, and a special sterling silver vintage clasp that has a pink tulip (probably glass) on it. The necklace features similar colours and gemstones to the bracelet although it wasn't meant to be an exact match. In keeping with the theme of bright colours, the necklace below has bright yellow citrines, carved and faceted, and bright blue chalcedony along with kyanite of a similar colour blue.
I love to work with aquamarines whether I am simply mixing them with a metal (as in the aquamarine bracelet above mixed with 14 karat goldfilled accents and bangles) or with golden freshwater Biwa pearls, below, or rose quartz. Aquamarines look good with almost everything!
I love the vermeil accents mixed with the golden Biwas, above. Below, a great butterfly bead adds interest as does the pretty rose quartz cabochon on the sterling box clasp.Also, I haven't forgotten that the birthstone for February is amethyst, so the two bracelets directly above, one, amethyst bracelet with borosilicate artist's lampwork, and a multi=strand rainbow moonstone bracelet that has a huge faceted amethyst nugget with white veins running through it.
Last is a necklace handmade, of course, with pink Botswana agates with the most interesting patterns on some of the nuggets, freshwater Biwa pearls, and freshwater "druzy" pearls.
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