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Saturday, November 09, 2013

Losing Weight, Kitties, and What About Jewelry?!

 I am the proud loser of 33 pounds!  I have been eating healfully since January of this year, eliminated all sodas, and even most artificial sweeteners, and I have learned to adore iced green tea - plain.  I've gone from wearing a size 12, sometimes 10, pant to a size 4! (Note: sizes have changed; even when I weighed 10 pounds less than I do now in the 'eighties, I still wore an 8, sometimes a 6 on rare occasions). 
Sorry, but I have to brag just a little.  The main motivator was my son who told me that he wanted me to be around for a long time for my 4 year old grand-daughter. I want to be here too!
 What are the cat pictures?  The upper picture is of Cluny, my namesake, and the lower of Cuervo Sebastian; both are boys.  They like to hang out up here on the fourth floor with me to, ahem, help me make jewelry.  You haven't lived until you've spilled an entire container of small beads and watched 2 cats go crazy.  I like it when they help me as they are in the pictures here.
 Don't forget that it will soon be Christmas before you know it and you are going to want some jewelry!  If it's custom jewelry that you want, please let me know in plenty of time, so you can choose designs and beads and gemstones at your leisure.  
Cluny and Cuervo will be here to help me!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Fall Collection: Part II, More Bracelets!

For years (at least it has seemed to me) navy has been difficult to find in clothing and accessories.  I am happy to say that navy is back in a big way.  Two weeks ago I bought the first navy blazer I've had in years, and have worn it constantly.
To go with the navy, here are my newest sapphire bracelets.  Although these are shown in gold I have also made them in sterling silver.  The top sapphire bracelet has two strands of sapphires accented by 14 karat gold-filled components. The sapphire bracelet, below,  was created with bezel-set faceted sapphires and small oval sapphire charms.  The larger sapphires are set in vermeil; the rest of the bracelet is 14 karat gold-fill.
And don't forget earrings!  The sapphire earrings above have smooth oval sapphires hanging from from elaborate sterling silver dangles hanging from earwires.
The earrings below hang from the prettiest earwires hand-decorated with flowers. The faceted sapphire rondelles are topped by Thai Karen Hill Tribes accents and have the bust of a Japanese geisha hanging below.
The earrings above are made of faceted sapphire rondelles and special Bali sterling silver. They feature special studs that are set with cabochon iolites (also known as "water sapphires") and have a festive and feminine look.

Unique bracelets such as this are a favorite of mine.  A very large smooth sapphire nugget is a deep pretty blue; it's surrounded by fluted 14 karat gold and then by faceted rubies, freshwater keishe pearls, and smooth medium green emeralds. Quite striking!
Wonderful labradorite flashes in this three strand bracelet with sterling silver and sapphires.  The blue of the labradorite echoes the blue flash of the labradorite.  Tiny little Thai Karen Hill Tribes beads add a pretty gleam to this bracelet.  The third strand is a linked oval chain of sterling dangling little sapphire charms.  For a special touch, an oval box clasp has a cabochon labradorite set into it.
Above, vermeil and high quality carnelian  sing together in this carnelian bracelet.  A wonderful touch is the leaf toggle clasp (also vermeil) closure.
Below, chalcedony is a gorgeous gemstone, especially when it is as wonderfully translucent as these gemstones in shades of aqua to sea-green and golden yellow. Accented with sterling silver.
Below, for blues lovers everywhere, a bracelet featuring genuine turquoise, pretty blue aquamarine ovals, and large lapis coins. Perfect for your jeans - or that cocktail dress!

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Citrine: The November Birthstone

Citrine is one of my favorite gemstones; I have a citrine bracelet and ring that I wear constantly, and oddly enough, citrine seems to go with so many things in my wardrobe. I prefer citrine which is rather dark with a clear true yellow color though it can sometimes be rather difficult to find. I wear citrine all year round, but sometimes tend to think of the lighter citrine as a "summer" gemstone since it looks so good against a tan. But pair citrine with a grey wool outfit and add a pretty scarf with a touch of yellow and you have a winning combination!

The citrine in the bracelets here is a shade that I do love: it's clear and fairly even (sometimes citrines can look mottled).  The top citrine bracelet has two strands: one of chunky citrine nuggets and a single lampwork bead, and a second that is heavy on Thai Karen Hill Tribes sterling silver with a smattering of little citrine rondelles to give it colour and unite it with the main strand. I also like the toggle clasp which features bezel-set citrine cabochons in the ends of the toggle bar, a little touch that sets this bracelet apart.
   The second citrine bracelet, above, is one strand that features some of my favorite chunky faceted citrine nuggets. Again, a single lampwork bead adds interest to the bracelet as do the three charms that dangle near the middle of the bracelet. This bracelet would look wonderful with a dark brown or tan outfit!
     Citrine came to be known  as the "Merchant's Stone" because of its ability to generate income for the person holding the crystal. Some people keep citrine in a cash box to assure protection of their wealth.
     Some qualities people believe citrine has:
  • The ability to improve problem-solving skills and memory.
  • Balance the yin/yang aspects of a person.
  • Improve self-esteem, optimism, confidence, and willpower.
  • Improve the digestive system.

The bangle bracelet above is made with gem-quality citrine rectangles that are finely faceted.  The curved bangles are sterling silver as are the other elements. This is what I call an "everyday" bracelet, one of those that you reach for almost everyday, no matter what you are wearing because it is simple and sits easily on the wrist. It's great to wear for work since it does not get in the way when working on the computer or doing other workday tasks. And it can go casually elegant or formal business.

The earrings above hang from some of our favorite earwires, a modern curve of sterling silver.  The simple rectangles are also gem-quality and faceted like a gemstone for a ring - with a flat surface, edge beveling, and a pointed back.  These stones are a real favorite!
  Looking for a birthday gift for someone in November? Check our Citrine Bracelets page (although we have a page of citrine earrings and citrine necklaces as well).  Many of our citrine bracelets are mixed with different gemstone such as aquamarine, garnet, ruby, sapphire, and chalcedony so that they are very wearable and versatile for the woman who does not often wear yellow!


Sunday, March 25, 2012

Bracelets for Spring: Part I

It is now officially Spring, and I am loving it! Thank goodness I live in a place with four seasons, since the change into each one seems to rejuvenate me.  Spring here in Washington is beautiful; the cherry blossoms are everywhere and they are truly beautiful (I'll have some cherry blossom bracelets up soon).  Our daffodils started blooming about three weeks ago.  I don't know about you, but I'm sleeping with the windows cracked so the cool night air can come in (forget the pollen count!) and I've been cleaning everything in the house. I have found some time to make some new jewelry, including the bracelets that you see on the page today.
   Above, a handmade bracelet that is truly unique combines emeralds, sapphires, rubies, and amethysts for a different looks.  Tiny little flower charms from the Thai Karen Hill Tribes are at intervals around the bracelet.
I recently found these gorgeous blue lace agate faceted nuggets at a favorite source; they have a high polish and beige and brown "skin" at one end.  The artist's lampwork glass beads are some of my favorites. Karen Hill Tribes sterling swirl and arrow charms are at three places on the bracelet.
The rest of the bracelets today are made of moonstones.When many people think of moonstones, they only think of the rainbow moonstone with its "flash", but moonstone comes in many colours.  The first bracelet, below, is made entirely of moonstones with sterling silver and artist's lampwork beads.  The dark greenish-grey faceted nuggets are moonstones as are the white faceted nuggets.  I love the dragonfly toggle clasp.
The next three moonstone bracelets are made from dusky peachy-pink faceted moonstones of different sizes. First, large faceted nuggets are complemented by a single special moonstone artist's lampwork bead.
If you look carefully at the pictures,you can see that these moonstones have a gleam to them, so while they may not exhibit the "flash" of rainbow moonstone, they have a pretty sheen to them and a flash that is the same colour as the stones themselves. 
Below, this moonstone bracelet has gorgeous silver studded artist's lampwork beads with a frostiness that goes perfectly with the moonstones. 
 The last moonstone bracelet features smaller faceted rectangles with a gorgeous sheen and plenty of sterling silver.

I hope you are enjoying these Spring days as much as I am!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Gleam of Abalone

My first post on my new computer! It always takes a while to get things right on a new computer, and finally, I have figured out enough to get pictures and my first post on my new laptop. All of the old programs from the old computer have to be tranferred, usually reset in some way (all my pictures are getting filed under Documents for some reason)and I have to figure out the new keyboard.
I've been working with abalone;I love its iridescence, its wonderful gleam, and the way that it works with so many gemstones. Above, the abalone bracelet with two strands features only abalone and sterling silver; below, the abalone gets a special kick from faceted peridot rondelles.
Below the bracelet is a pair of abalone earrings.

Above, wonderful, small faceted apatite rondelles and sterling silver tubes make a great bangle bracelet. Below, aquamarine earrings feature spiral accents in sterling.

Above, a favorite combination of mine: abalone with aquamarine. Below, a salvation bracelet with Swarovski crystals.

Hope you have a great week!

Monday, February 06, 2012

Amethysts for February

I do love amethysts of all sorts: dark, light, dogtooth (white inclusions running throughout), Cape amethysts (very pale). Did you know that the word "amethyst" comes from the Greek language meaning "not drunken"? According to legend, the god of wine, Dionysus became angered at a young girl named Amethyst. She cried out for protection to Artemis (Diana) who turned her into a stone of pure quartz. When Dionysus saw her thus, he cried tears into his glass of red wine which then overturned onto the stone, colouring it a wonderful purple, creating the amethyst gemstone. So intertwined with Dionysus the amethyst became known for its ability to keep a drinker sober. Many believed that drinking from an amethyst goblet would render the alcohol incapable of causing intoxication in the drinker. Amethyst rings became popular for those who wished to keep a clear head during a night of revelry. 
   Above, a single stranded amethyst bracelet is accented by 14K goldfilled beads.  The cushion cut rectangles are especially pretty.  Three briolettes form a petal like design on one side of the bracelet.

Below, an amethyst bracelet has darker amethysts on one side, and three strands of lighter amethysts on the other.  On the single-stranded side, three nicely-sized amethyst nuggets lead to a lampwork bead by Robin Weber. Near the middle sterling silver rings dangle various charms including three small bezel-set amethyst ovals, a pendant charms with another faceted, bezel-set amethyst, and a sterling silver charm from the Thai Karen Hill Tribes.  The three strands of faceted oval amethysts provide a different look and texture to the other side of the bracelet.

Above, amethyst earrings feature nice chunky faceted nuggets of a medium colour, topped with spiral sterling beads and gem quality rondelles.  The earrings hang from sterling wires with spiral designs on the front. 
  It's not too late to order for Valentine's Day!


Sunday, February 28, 2010

More for Spring!

The Spring Collection continues with jewelry pieces in the newest Spring colours. And two of the newest colours for Spring in one of my favorite bracelets are the two colours mixed in the citrine bracelet above. The yellow is called Aurora (this citrine is perfect) and the other colour represented by Botswana agate and specially chosen rondelles of ocean jasper is a grey called eucalyptus. I love this combination because it reminds me of one of my favorite dresses of all time; I was in the ninth grade and it was a pretty grey wool a-line dress with a yellow organdy yoke with a tiny ruffle. I know, it sounds awful, but I felt gorgeous in it (quite a feat when you're in the ninth grade) and I have never forgotten how very chic those two colours were together. I would wear that dress now if I had it (in the right size, of course)!

Below are two bracelets featuring the colour of the year - Turquoise - mixed with another spring colour - red. The gemstones are turquoise and carnelian, a very red carnelian, I might add. Carnelian comes in many different shades and if you look lower you'll see a carnelian and turquoise bracelet where the carnelian is quite orange!

Two more colours that are in for Spring: a pretty deep blue and a warm beige known as Tuscany. Both are represented here by chalcedony and porcelain jasper, respectively. Little charms highlight the flower them and a lampwork bead ties the colours together. This unique bracelet looks much prettier in person.

Below, another colour for Spring 2010, champagne pink, a pretty delicate colour that will look good with many colours other than pink. The bracelet is made from champagne pink agate; many pieces are in carved shapes.

Above, the tomato red mixed with a hint of another new Spring colour: violet. This lampwork bracelet boasts some of the nicest artists' lampwork I have, and is embedded with little dots of gold. I've mixed them with goldfilled chains, charms, and accents for a bracelet that is really spectacular. The chains are varied, and some go only partially loop around the bracelet. Swarovski crystals add the finishing touch and make this bracelet truly outstanding.