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Sunday, March 03, 2013

Jewelry for Spring!

Handmade Bracelet photo handmade-bracelet-j7_zps5a1681e1.jpg
I have missed having my winter snow that I so looked forward to (some north of here would say that I was lucky) and am now looking towards Spring. While I have a Spring Collection of jewelry every year, I seem to have gone overboard this year! It will take me over a week to show pieces from the new Spring Collection.
The first piece is as fresh as Spring itself.  Faceted rose quartz rectangles, gem-quality amethysts, and apatite create a feminine ambiance in this two strand bracelet.  The second strand is made of ropey sterling silver chain with dangles of apatite and amethysts.
Handmade Bracelet photo handmade-bracelet-j8_zps870b27f0.jpg

Sunstone Jewelry photo sunstone-jewelry-d1_zpsaba0e50f.jpg

Sunstone is perfect to go with nectarine, one of the colors forecast to be big this Spring/Summer 2013. Above, three strands of sunstone glow enhanced by sterling silver from Bali. Below, sunstone mixes with emerald green apatite - perfect, since emerald is another of Spring's most popular colors. Three strands means a rich,  opulent look for your wrist.
Sunstone and Apatite Jewelry photo sunstone-jewelry-e2_zpsa34bf25c.jpg
Below, large rose quartz rectangles are just as gemmy as it gets in this simple bracelet. The only accents to these magnificent faceted rose quartz rectangles is 14 karat gold-filled tiny beads and a plain toggle clasp.
Rose Quartz Bracelet photo rose-quartz-bracelet-c9_zpsc91577a9.jpg

Below, this bracelet features carnelian in shades of red to orange in a flower theme.  The focal is a large carved open flower; other carved flowers are on either side of the bracelet.  The accents are all gold vermeil (22 karat gold layered over sterling silver). Three little charms dangle from two places on the bracelet.
Carnelian Bracelet photo carnelian-bracelet-b7_zps152c9cdc.jpg

Tourmaline Bracelet photo tourmaline-bracelet-c5_zpse206c0f5.jpg

A tourmaline bracelet is a wonderful portent of Spring! Four strands of gold-filled chain and tourmalines in varying shades of green, yellow, pink and black are accented by small gold-filled beads.  The tourmalines range in shape from smooth heishis to faceted rondelles to gem-quality faceted coin beads and faceted ovals.  A cluster of charms hangs from the front of the chain while others dangle on the sides. With its gorgeous mix of colors, this is the perfect Spring bracelet!
Tourmaline Bracelet photo tourmaline-bracelet-c4_zps098e18d0.jpg
Wishing you a wonderful Spring! See The Jewelry Blog on Tuesday for more jewelry trends from our Spring Collection. 

Shipping is always FREE for purchases over 50.00; 1.95 for purchases under 50.00!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

October Opals

October actually has 2 birthstones: opal and tourmaline. Lucky Octobers get to choose from quite a few different colours since opals commonly come in blue, yellow, pink, white, and of course, the fiery opals of Australian origin. If October prefers tourmalines, they too come in many colours, the most common being pink, green, and black.
Above is an opal bracelet made with some of the loveliest blue Peruvian opals I've ever had. They are quite translucent and boast a lovely turquoise colour.  For fun, I decided to use some artist's lampwork beads with them; the touch of orange in the lampwork sent me looking for some of my best carnelian. These orange faceted diamonds are gorgeous and really add a Fall vibe to the bracelet.  The dragonfly toggle clasp is very special.  All sterling silver.
Below, the same blue Peruvian opals star in this bracelet which has only one artist's lampwork bead for a focal so that the opals can shine! Two little Thai Karen Hill Tribes flower charms hang from one side of the bracelet.
Below is a tourmaline bracelet with three strands of multi-coloured tourmalines of different shapes and sizes. (There are two views of the same bracelet). Pinks and greens predominate, but there are even some yellows and pale aqua stones as well. The sterling double flower toggle is a favorite.

I always work with sunstone in the fall although I wear it all year round.  Sunstone just seems like a Fall stone with it's golden orange colours and the sparkles that are in so many of the stones.  Good sunstone also seems to glow - and that glow seems right for fall, too. Both sunstone bracelets here have two strands and beautiful sterling silver toggle clasps. I especially like the lizard one shown in the bottom 2 pictures above although the first sunstone bracelet has an especially feminine feel with its swirling toggle clasp.

Enjoy the crisp Fall weather!


  • Cluny Grey Jewelry
  • Sunday, November 01, 2009

    Busy, Busy, Busy

    The Christmas rush is upon us already! This is going to be a short post, just to get out some of the newer things that will be on the website soon. Above a pretty blue aquamarine bracelet that features matte lampwork beads in soft blue and khaki and a second strand of sterling chain with 3 little charms. Below, a long aquamarine necklace that drops just at or below the bustline (depending on where yours is!)
    The next jewelry piece is a thin silver bangle bracelet that has faceted rondelles of tourmaline at intervals. And finally, some of the prettiest carnelian earrings I've ever made of lampwork beads and deep, dark, gorgeous red carnelian!

    Sunday, September 27, 2009

    Fall Collection: Part V

    No, I'm not finished posting the new Fall Collection - not by a long shot! Because I am doing the photos, pricing, and web myself without help since my move, it means that I am going much more slowly than I would prefer. However, if you like anticipation....
    Today I have another mixture of bracelets beginning with the blue lace agate and amethyst bracelet that you see at the top. The focal is actually a blue chalcedony faceted nugget, the amethyst is transparent and the lampwork beads are some of the absolute best I've had (from an artist whose work sells at a premium). Below is an amethyst bracelet that is complimented by rutilated quartz, thus combining two of the season's hottest colours, purple and grey. I love the amethyst gemstone toggle clasp. The lampwork beads are the perfect purple and grey!

    The tourmaline bracelet above features three strands of all shapes and sizes of tourmalines and includes little tourmaline charms hanging at intervals from the bracelet. There is only one lampwork bead, a green transparent lentil with mauvey purple swirls, but it is wonderful. Tourmaline is a great gemstone for this fall since it either has the most popular colours or accents those clothing colours wonderfully well.
    The blue lace agate bracelet below is all about flowers: sterling silver flower beads, sterling flower charms, and a focal lentil lampwork bead that has the look of a flower also. Below the blue agate bracelet is one of my favorite combinations: sunstone and dark blue apatite that has the slightest hint of teal in it. Another favorite of mine is the little sterling bird charm that hangs near the center of the bracelet.There are just three pairs of earrings here, but many more will be appearing on the Cluny Grey Jewelrysite.

    Saturday, September 12, 2009

    The Fall Collection III: The New Motley Crew

    There is no real theme for today's jewelry - part of the Fall Collection. I know that I should group the jewelry pieces in some intelligent way, but WOW! getting all the jewelry on the site is a ton of work and I've been at it for several days now! So this is really a random sampling of some of the new bracelets that are going to be on the Cluny Grey Jewelry site.
    Above, a moonstone bracelet with touches of genuine aquamarine. It really has quite a bit of flash and the aquamarine accents that flash. Below is a bracelet pairing aquamarine with sunstone; I love the hot and coolness of the two gemstones together, and together they are smashing mixed with the great sterling silver that you see here. I am especially fond also of second strands consisting of those tiny Karen Hill Tribes beads that you see here. And the bird clasp is a real favorite! (Can you tell that I am partial to this bracelet?)

    More colour here when great lampwork in soft yellows and blues with a touch of pink is mixed with faceted citrine nuggets. It's a soft, romantic bracelet that will look great with all those ruffled blouses that are in style this Fall. And if you are like me, you like to keep up with some trends, but some I cannot do in a big way. Animal prints are still big, but I never feel comfortable wearing them. To the rescue, this lampwork bracelet with the great tiger stripes that give you that touch of the trend without overwhelming.
    Above, moonstone in a dusky mauvey-peach colour and greys. I love these beads with the raised symbols (moons, stars, other shapes) on them. They give a mystical feel to any jewelry piece. Below, two tourmaline bracelets, one with one of the largest faceted garnet nuggets I've ever had. What can I say about tourmaline that you don't already know? That it goes with just about everything. It's perfect for Fall and Winter, and it looks equally good with bright or dark clothing.
    And stay tuned - there is still more jewelry to come!!!